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• Section 1 - Introduction to Ultrasound Imaging
1 Ultrasound
2 Speed of Sound
3 Attenuation
4 Reflection
5 Beam Width (Slice Thickness)
6 Anisotropy
7 Spatial Compound Imaging
8 Doppler Imaging
9 Ultrasound Transducers
10 Transducer Manipulation
11 Needle Imaging
12 Approach and Techniques
13 Sonographic Signs of Successful Injections
14 Ultrasound-Guided Continuous Peripheral Nerve Blocks
15 Three-Dimensional Ultrasound
• Section 2 - Structures
16 Anatomic Structures
17 Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue
18 Peripheral Nerves
19 Muscle
20 Tendons and Ligaments
21 Arteries
22 Veins
23 Bone
24 Pleura
25 Peritoneum
• Section 3 - Upper Extremity Blocks
26 Lymph Nodes
27 Supraclavicular Nerve Block
28 Interscalene and Supraclavicular Blocks
29 Phrenic Nerve Imaging
30 Dorsal Scapular Nerve Imaging
31 Suprascapular Nerve Block (Anterior Approach above the Clavicle)
32 Infraclavicular Block
33 Axillary Block
34 Musculocutaneous Nerve Block
35 Forearm Blocks
36 Radial Nerve Block
37 Median Nerve Block
38 Ulnar Nerve Block
• Section 4 - Lower Extremity Blocks
39 Lateral Femoral Cutaneous Nerve Block
40 Fascia Iliaca Block
41 Femoral Nerve Block
42 The Adductor Canal Block
43 Obturator Nerve Block
44 Sciatic Nerve Block
45 Anterior Sciatic Nerve Block
46 Popliteal Block
47 Posterior Femoral Cutaneous Nerve (PFCN) Block
48 Ankle Block
49 Saphenous Nerve Block in the Leg
50 Deep Peroneal Nerve Block
51 Superficial Peroneal Nerve Block
52 Sural Nerve Block
53 Tibial Nerve Block
• Section 5 - Trunk Blocks
54 Intercostal Nerve Block
55 Pectoral Nerve Block (the Pecs Block)
56 Transversus Thoracis Muscular Plane Block
57 Rectus Sheath Block
58 Ilioinguinal and Iliohypogastric Nerve Blocks
59 Transversus Abdominis Plane (TAP) Blocks
60 Quadratus Lumborum Blocks
61 Thoracic Paravertebral Block
62 Pudendal Nerve Block in Children?????????????
63 Neuraxial Block
64 Caudal Epidural Block
• Section 6 - Head and Neck Blocks
65 Supraorbital Nerve Block
66 Mental Nerve Block
67 Superior Laryngeal Nerve Block
68 Transtracheal Block
69 Greater Occipital Nerve Block
70 Lesser Occipital Nerve Block
71 Great Auricular Nerve Block
72 Cervical Plexus Block
73 Stellate Ganglion Block (Cervicothoracic Sympathetic Ganglion Block)
• Section 7 - Safety Issues
74 Safety: Practical Techniques to Prevent Complications During Ultrasound-Guided Nerve Blocks
75 Regional Anesthesia in Resource-Constrained Environments
Appendix 1. Self-Assessment Questions: Text
Appendix 2. Self-Assessment Questions: Images
Appendix 3. Advanced Self-Assessment Questions: Text
Appendix 4. Advanced Self-Assessment Questions: Images

Step-by-step videos and images, board-style review questions, and coverage of new blocks make this highly respected title a must-have reference for clinical practice. Written by Andrew T. Gray, MD, PhD, one of the pioneers of the use of ultrasound to guide needle placement, Atlas of Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia, 3rd Edition, shows you how to safely and effectively use the latest methods and applications of this technique.

• Board-style review questions found on the Expert Consult eBook version test your knowledge and help you prepare for the ABA exam.
• Helps ensure correct needle placement with numerous 3-D and long-axis views that clearly depict surrounding structures.

New To This Edition:
• Includes coverage of 11 new blocks: Adductor Canal, Posterior Femoral Cutaneous, Pectoral, Quadratus Lumborum, Pudendal, Paravertebral, Transversus thoracis, Supraorbital, Transtracheal, Greater Occipital and Lesser Occipital.
• Features access to 20 author-narrated videos showing proper placement of needles using ultrasound guidance, including 11 new videos: Forearm (ulnar, median and radial), Ankle (tibial, saphenous, superficial peroneal, deep peroneal, sural), Paravertebral, Adductor Canal, and Catheters.
• Presents several new chapters, including Regional Anesthesia in Resource-Constrained Environments and Safety of Ultrasound Guided Regional Blocks.
• Expert Consult™ eBook version included with purchase. This enhanced eBook experience allows you to search all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.

Andrew T. Gray, MD, Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Care, UCSF School of Medicine San Francisco, CA