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• Section I. Molecular and Cellular Determinants of Bone Structure and Function
1 Early Skeletal Morphogenesis in Embryonic Development
2 Endochondral ossification
3 Local and Circulating Osteoprogenitor Cells and Lineages
4 Osteoblasts
5 Osteocytes
6 Osteoclast Biology and Bone Resorption
7 Signal Transduction Cascades Controlling Osteoblast Differentiation
8 The TGFß superfamily in bone formation and maintenance
9 Recent Developments in Understanding the Role of Wnt Signaling in Skeletal Development and Disease
10 Mechanotransduction in bone formation and maintenance
11 The Composition of Bone
12 Assessment of Bone Mass, Structure, and Quality in Rodents
13 Skeletal Healing: Cellular and Molecular Determinants
14 Biomechanics of Fracture Healing
• Section II. Skeletal Physiology
15 Human Fetal and Neonatal Bone Development
16 Skeletal Growth: a Major Determinant of Bone’s Structural Diversity in Women and Men
17 Ethnic Differences in Bone Acquisition
18 Calcium, vitamin D and other nutrients during growth
19 Mechanical Loading and the Developing Skeleton
20 Pregnancy and Lactation
21 Menopause and age-related bone loss
• Section III. Mineral Homeostasis
22 Regulation of Calcium Homeostasis
23 Magnesium Homeostasis
24 Fetal Calcium Metabolism
25 FGF23 and the Regulation of Phosphorus Metabolism
26 Gonadal Steroids
27 Parathyroid Hormone
28 Parathyroid Hormone-related Protein
29 Calcium-Sensing Receptor
30 Vitamin D: Production, Metabolism, Action, and Clinical Requirements
• Section IV. Investigation of Metabolic Bone Diseases
31 Techniques of Bone Mass Measurement in Children with Risk Factors for Osteoporosis
32 Standard Techniques of Bone Mass Measurement in Adults
33 Advanced Techniques of Bone Mass Measurements and Strength in Adults
34 Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Bone
35 Trabecular Bone Score
36 Reference Point Indention
37 Biochemical markers of bone turnover in osteoporosis
38 Scintigraphy and PET in Metabolic Bone Disease
39 Bone Histomorphometry in Clinical Practice
40 Diagnosis and Classification of Vertebral Fracture
41 FRAX®: Assessment of Fracture Risk
• Section V. Genetics of Bone
42 Introduction to Genetics
43 Animal Models: Genetic Manipulation
44 Animal Models: Allelic Determinants for BMD
45 Transcriptional Profiling for Genetic Assessment
46 Approaches to Genetic Testing
47 Human Genome-Wide Association Studies
48 Translational Genetics of Osteoporosis: From Population Association to Individualized Assessment
• Section VI. Osteoporosis
49 Osteoporosis: An Overview
50 The Epidemiology of Osteoporotic Fractures
51 Fracture Liaison Service
52 Sex Steroids and the Pathogenesis of Osteoporosis
53 Juvenile Osteoporosis
54 Transplantation Osteoporosis
55 Premenopausal Osteoporosis
56 Osteoporosis in Men
57 Bone Stress Injuries
58 Inflammation–Induced Bone Loss in the Rheumatic Diseases
59 Glucocorticoid-Induced Osteoporosis
60 HIV and Bone
61 Skeletal Effects of Drugs
62 Diabetes and Bone Loss
63 Obesity and Skeletal Health
64 Sarcopenia and Osteoporosis
65 Fragility Fractures across the Five Stages of Chronic Kidney Disease
66 Other Secondary Causes of Osteoporosis
67 Exercise for osteoporotic fracture prevention and management
68 Prevention of Falls
69 Nutritional Support for Osteoporosis
70 Estrogens, Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators and Tissue Selective Estrogen Complex
71 Bisphosphonates for Postmenopausal Osteoporosis
72 Denosumab
73 Parathyroid Hormone and Abaloparatide Treatment for Osteoporosis
74 Combination Anabolic and Antiresorptive Therapy for Osteoporosis
75 Strontium Ranelate and Calcitonin
76 Adverse Effects of Drugs for Osteoporosis
77 Orthopaedic Principles of Fracture Management
78 Adherence to Osteoporosis Therapies
79 The Cost-Effectiveness of Osteoporosis Treatment
80 Future Therapies
• Section VII. Metabolic Bone Diseases
81 Approach to Parathyroid Disorders
82 Primary Hyperparathyroidism
83 Familial States of Primary Hyperparathyroidism
84 Non-Parathyroid Hypercalcemia
85 Hypocalcemia: Definition, Etiology, Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, and Management
86 Hypoparathyroidism
87 Pseudohypoparathyroidism
88 Disorders of Phosphate Homeostasis
89 Rickets and Osteomalacia
90 Pathophysiology and Treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease-Mineral and Bone Disorder
91 Disorders of Mineral Metabolism in Childhood
92 Paget’s Disease of Bone
93 Epidemiology, Diagnosis, Evaluation and Treatment of Nephrolithiasis
94 Immobilization and Burns: Other Conditions Associated with Osteoporosis
• Section VIII. Cancer and Bone
95 Mechanisms of Osteolytic and Osteoblastic Skeletal Lesions
96 Clinical and Preclinical Imaging in Osseous Metastatic Disease
97 Metastatic Tumors and Bone
98 Myeloma Bone Disease and Other Hematological Malignancies
99 Osteogenic Osteosarcoma
100 Skeletal Complications of Breast and Prostate Cancer Therapies
101 Bone Cancer and Pain
102 Radiation Therapy-Induced Osteoporosis
103 Skeletal Complications of Childhood Cancer
104 Medical Prevention and Treatment of Bone Metastases
105 Radiotherapy of Skeletal Metastases
106 Concepts and Surgical Treatment of Metastatic Bone Disease
• Section IX. Sclerosing and Dysplastic Bone Diseases
107 Sclerosing Bone Disorders
108 Fibrous dysplasia
109 The Osteochondrodysplasias
110 Ischemic and Infiltrative Disorders of Bone
111 Tumoral Calcinosis-Dermatomyositis
112 Genetic Disorders of Heterotopic Ossification: Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva and Progressive Osseous Heteroplasia
113 Osteogenesis Imperfecta
114 Fibrillinopathies: Skeletal Manifestations of Marfan Syndrome and Marfan-related Conditions
115 Hypophosphatasia and Other Enzyme Deficiencies Affecting the Skeleton l
• Section X. Oral and Maxillofacial Biology and Pathology
116 Craniofacial Morphogenesis Erin Ealba Bumann and Vesa
117 Development and Structure of Teeth and Periodontal Teeth
118 Craniofacial Disorders Affecting the Dentition: Genetic
119 Pathology of the Hard Tissues of the Jaws
120 Osteonecrosis of the Jaw
121 Alveolar Bone Homeostasis in Health and Disease
122 Oral Manifestation of Metabolic Bone Diseases
123 Dental Implants and Osseous Healing in the Oral Cavity
• Section XI. Integrative Physiology of the Skeleton
124 Integrative Physiology of the Skeleton
125 The Hematopoietic Niche and Bone
126 Adipocytes and Bone
127 The Vasculture and Bone
128 Immunobiology and Bone
129 Cellular Bioenergetics of Bone
130 Endocrine Bioenergetics of Bone
131 Central Neuronal Control of Bone
132 Peripheral Neuronal Control of Bone
133 The Pituitary-Bone Axis in Health and Disease
134 Neuropsychiatric Disorders and the Skeleton
135 Interactions Between Muscle and Bone

Primer on the Metabolic Bone Diseases and Disorders of Mineral Metabolism, 9th Edition is the comprehensive revision of the field-leading reference on bone and mineral health. The eighth edition has been fully revised by the leading researchers and clinicians in the field to provide concise coverage of the widest possible spectrum of metabolic bone diseases and disorders of mineral metabolism. Chapters look to explain basic biological factors of healthy development and disease states and make it easily translatable to clinical interventions. Primer on the Metabolic Bone Diseases and Disorders of Mineral Metabolism is the definitive, one-stop reference for anyone working in the field of bone health and disease.