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• Part I. Foundational Topics in Adapted Physical Education and Sport
Chapter 1. Introduction to Adapted Physical Education and Sport
Chapter 2. Program Organization and Management
Chapter 3. Adapted Sport
Chapter 4. Measurement, Assessment, and Program Evaluation
Chapter 5. Individualized Education Programs
Chapter 6. Behavior Management
Chapter 7. Instructional Strategies
• Part II. Individuals With Unique Needs
Chapter 8. Intellectual Disabilities
Chapter 9. Behavioral Disabilities
Chapter 10. Autism Spectrum and Social Communication Disorders
Chapter 11. Specific Learning Disabilities
Chapter 12. Visual Impairments
Chapter 13. Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or Deafblind
Chapter 14. Cerebral Palsy, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Stroke
Chapter 15. Amputations, Dwarfism, and Les Autres
Chapter 16. Spinal Cord Disabilities and Other Spinal Conditions
Chapter 17. Other Health Impairment Conditions
Chapter 18. Activity and Sports Injuries, Longer-Term Disabilities, and Obesity
• Part III. Developmental Considerations
Chapter 19. Motor Development
Chapter 20. Perceptual–Motor Development
Chapter 21. Infants and Toddlers
Chapter 22. Early Childhood Adapted Physical Education
• Part IV. Activities for Individuals With Unique Needs
Chapter 23. Health-Related Physical Fitness and Physical Activity
Chapter 24. Aquatics
Chapter 25. Team Sports
Chapter 26. Individual and Dual Sports and Activities
Chapter 27. Adventure Sports and Activities
Chapter 28. Winter Sports and Activities
Chapter 29. Enhancing Wheelchair Sport Performance

Appendix A. Definitions Associated With the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
Appendix B. Adapted Physical Education and Sport Contact Information
Appendix C. Brockport Physical Fitness Test
Appendix D. School District Rating Scale for Adapted Physical Education

This top-selling text, now in its seventh edition, is the go-to text to prepare students to teach people with disabilities. Adapted Physical Education and Sport provides comprehensive and clear guidance for professionals working with people with unique physical education needs, differences, and abilities.

New to This Edition
No other adapted physical education text has sold more copies than this book—but the contributors are not resting on their laurels. The text is loaded with new and updated material:
• Enhanced coverage of universal design for learning, with strategies and applications presented throughout the text
• A new chapter devoted entirely to adventure sports and activities
• A chapter on adapted sport that has been further developed to reflect the progress in the field
• Enhanced coverage of sport-specific injuries and prevention
Also new to this edition are related online learning aids delivered through HKPropel, including assignable learning and enrichment activities to help students apply the book’s foundational knowledge. The HKPropel resources also include an instructor guide with teaching tips and strategies, ideas for an introductory course in adapted physical education and sport, and a sample syllabus. Other tools include a test bank, video clips demonstrating 26 of the fitness tests from The Brockport Physical Fitness Test Manual, and forms, tables, and calculators related to the Brockport Physical Fitness Test.

In addition, the team of 30 highly renowned contributors includes 12 new voices who add their perspectives to the content.

More Features
Adapted Physical Education and Sport offers readers much more:
• Chapter-opening scenarios that introduce one or more of the chapter’s concepts
• Application examples that explore real-life situations and show how to apply the text concepts to solve relevant issues
• Print, video, and online resources in the text and through HKPropel
• Appendixes that include definitions based on the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), contact information for organizations associated with adapted physical education and sport, information related to the Brockport Physical Fitness Test, a scale to evaluate adapted physical education programs, and more
The book’s contents are aligned with the IDEA legislation and will help current and future educators identify the unique needs of children with disabilities, adapt physical education to meet those needs, and develop effective individualized education programs (IEPs) for those students. Adapted Physical Education and Sport is the ideal book for those who want the foundational knowledge that leads to the practical development and implementation of top-quality physical education and sport programs for people with disabilities.