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Standard 1. Human Development
Standard 2. Motor Behavior
Standard 3. Exercise Science
Standard 4. Measurement and Evaluation
Standard 5. History and Philosophy
Standard 6. Unique Attributes of Learners
Standard 7. Curriculum Theory and Development
Standard 8. Assessment
Standard 9. Instructional Design and Planning
Standard 10. Teaching
Standard 11. Consultation and Staff Development
Standard 12. Student and Program Evaluation
Standard 13. Continuing Education
Standard 14. Ethics
Standard 15. Communication
Appendix A. National Consortium for Physical Education for Individuals with Disabilities
Appendix B. How the Adapted Physical Education Standards and National Certification Examination Were Developed
Appendix C. Frequently Asked Questions
Appendix D. APENS 2018 Evaluation and Review Committee Members

Adapted Physical Education National Standards, Third Edition, thoroughly covers the latest Adapted Physical Education National Standards (APENS), offering current knowledge and best practices for teaching adapted physical education.

This new edition solidifies the book’s reputation as an essential resource for adapted physical educators. Representing the first major revision to the standards since 2006, Adapted Physical Education National Standards, Third Edition, fully explains the 15 national standards as established by the National Consortium for Physical Education for Individuals with Disabilities (NCPEID).

In addition to updating the national standards, this resource offers educators and professionals two other important updates: a new web study guide and a fresh design of the text.

The study guide includes important information and more than 1,100 sample test questions for educators who are studying to take the Certified Adapted Physical Educator (CAPE) exam. This new tool allows candidates to prepare for the exam by taking practice quizzes based on the content within each standard. For each practice quiz, the reader is presented with questions randomly drawn from a pool of questions for that standard, ensuring a wide variety of sample exam possibilities. The candidate then receives a score and can review the correct and incorrect answers to determine areas for further study. Candidates can also view and download a comprehensive list of all questions for all standards.

The new text design makes the content within each standard easier to read, providing a greater understanding of each level at a glance. Each of the 15 standards is presented in five levels. The level for a typical standard is organized this way:
• Level 1: the standard number and name
• Level 2: the major components of the standard
• Level 3: the standard’s subcomponents—dependent pieces of knowledge of fact or principle related to the major component
• Level 4: adapted physical education content—additional knowledge regarding the subcomponents that teachers working with individuals with disabilities need to know
• Level 5: application of adapted physical education content from level 4 to teaching individuals with disabilities
Levels 1 through 3 outline the basic instructional competencies that physical educators who teach students in integrated or segregated environments must be able to demonstrate. Those levels provide the foundation for levels 4 and 5. The standards are logical extensions of SHAPE America’s 2017 National Standards for Initial Physical Education Teacher Education, SHAPE America’s 2008 Advanced Standards for Physical Education, and the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards’ 2014 Physical Education Standards.

Adapted Physical Education National Standards, Third Edition, is useful for a variety of stakeholders:
• Physical education majors and in-service teachers who are preparing for the APENS exam
• Higher education faculty members who want to evaluate their adapted physical education preparation programs
• K-12 administrators who want to use APENS exam results for reviewing and hiring new teachers
• Parents of children who require adapted physical education instruction, to inquire at their child’s IEP meeting about the qualifications of the physical educator for their child
The book features an appendix of Frequently Asked Questions, a glossary of terms that includes abbreviations and acronyms in the field, and a summative list of references that were used by NCPEID committees in developing the APENS standards. It also includes an overview of NCPEID and a detailed description of how the standards and the certification exam were developed.

Adapted Physical Education National Standards, Third Edition, will keep readers up to date on the standards, help them prepare for the CAPE exam, and help ensure that high-quality adapted physical education is available for all students who can benefit from it.

Reference for adapted physical activity professionals. Preparation for physical educators studying for the Certified Adapted Physical Educator (CAPE) exam.