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1. Using School-Based Interventions for Depression Education and Prevention
2. Anxiety Disorders: From Bench to Bedside and Beyond
3. Semiotic Functions of Outsider Art in Counteracting Stigma
4. How the Brain Creates Art and Dreams
5. Co-morbidity in the Severely Mentally Ill: Cardiometabolic Risk Factors, Prevention and Intervention
6. Unconventional Therapies
7. Dual Disorders: Addiction and Other Mental Disorders. Integrating Mental Health
8. Accessible and Cost-Effective Mental Health Care Using E-Mental Health (EMH)
9. The Future of Psychiatry: Early Career Psychiatrists
10. Sport Psychiatry: Aspects of a Developing Field
11. Family Inclusive Therapeutic Interventions
12. Institutionalization, Deinstitutionalization, and the Penrose Hypothesis
13. Biobanking for ‘Omics’ in Psychiatry: Logistical and Ethical Aspects
14. HIV as the Great Magnifier of Maladies: Challenges for Prevention and Compassionate Care
15. The Future of Psychoneuroimmunology: Promises and Challenges
16. Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Practice: The Georgia Process and Model
17. Mental Health Consequences of War Conflicts
18. Challenges for Old Age Psychiatry
19. Advances in Treatment for Personality Disorders
20. Positive Psychiatry: Neuroscience of Brain Health and Resilience
21. Mental Health and Sexual Medicine: An Update
22. Sleep Disturbances Among Patients in Primary Care: Psychiatric Practice
23. Integrating Mental Health into Primary Care: Training Current and Future Providers
24. Person Centred Psychiatry and Neuropsychoanalysis: Bridging the Gap Between the Suffering Mind and the Dysfunctioning Brain
25. Torture and Sequels to Persecution: A Global Challenge
26. The Concept of the Disruptive Events and Reconstructive Relational Experience as a Model of Crises and Disasters Interventions
27. Neurobiology of Schizophrenia: Electrophysiological Indices
28. Psychoneuroendocrinology of Resilience: An Overview
29. Common Factors in Psychotherapy
30. The Practice of Freedom: Human Rights and the Global Mental Health Agenda
31. Public Mental Health
32. Psychiatric Rehabilitation in the Twenty-First Century
33. Prevention in Psychiatry: A Narrative Review of Conceptual Basis and Current Status
34. Preventive Psychiatry as the Basis of an Undergraduate Medical Curriculum
35. Trends in Schizophrenia Diagnosis and Treatment
36. Fighting Mental Illness-Related Stigma: What We Have Learned
37. Transcultural Psychiatry: Refugee, Asylum Seeker and Immigrant Patients over the Globe
38. Urban Mental Health in the Twenty-First Century
39. Economic Recession and Mental Health: An Analysis
40. Psychiatry Residency Education in Countries with Low- and Middle-Income Economies

This book will be the newest edition on the series ‘advances in psychiatry’. The previous 3 volumes can be found online at . They were highly successful in covering a broad area of psychiatry from different perspectives and angles and by reflecting both specialized but also international and global approaches. This series have guaranteed quality therefore can be used by different scientific groups for teaching and learning and also as a means for fast dissemination of advanced research and transformation of research findings into the everyday clinical practice. There is already a body of readers anticipating the next volume.

• This will be a WPA book written by a group of international experts
• it will cover a number of different ‘hot’ topics by highly prestigious authors
• it will reflect a truly international and simultaneously interdisciplinary approach to mental health