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• Part I.Session of Tributes
1.Importance of Pitanguy`s Surgical Principles on Rhytidoplasty - Direction of Traction of the Skin Flap
2.Pitanguy´s Technique on Rhytidoplasty
3.Surgical Planning for Rhytidoplasty - Clinical Analysis Before Operation
4.Importance of the Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System (SMAS) in Rhytidoplasty - 42 Years Evolution
5.Male Rhytidoplasty - Refinements Surgical Technique
6.Treatment of Medial Platysma Through Lateral Approach
7.Rhytidoplasty Associated with Ear Reconstruction
8.Periauricular Rhytidectomy
9.The Future of Facial Rejuvenation Surgery
10.Complementary Procedures to Rhytidoplasty
11.Facial Aging - Clinical Considerations and Anatomical Changes
12.Treatment of Deformities of Senile Orbit to Improve Facial Contour
13.Improvement of Facial Contour Throught Ear Reconstruction
14.Changes in Facial Skeleton with Aging
15.Aesthetic Reparation of the Face, Neck and Auricles to Achieve Well Balance of Facial Contour
16.Treatment of Platysma - The Beginning, Evolution andUpdate Approaches
17.Liposuction to Improve the Neck and Facial Contour
18.Facial FillingCombined with Rhytidoplasty
19.Tunnelization Procedure - Non-Vascular Traumatic approach on Rhytidoplasty
20.Combined Incisions in Rhytidoplasty - Pre-Capilar and Intra-Capilar Incisions
21.Preparation of the Patient and Surgeon for Rhytidectomy
22.Face Lifting - The Treatment of The Lower Third of The Face
• Part II.Surgical Fundaments on Rhytidoplasty
23.Patient's Psychological Considerations Towards Surgery
24.Anesthesia for Face Lifting
25.The Anatomical Basis for Neck Lifting
26.Anatomic Considerations of the Facial Nerve and Their Relevance to Facial Surgery
27.Anatomy of the Upper and Lower Lids
28.Aesthetic Anatomy of the Face
29.Anatomy of Aging Facial Skeleton
30.Philosophic Considerations About Senility
• Part III.Basic Techniques on Facelift
31.Deep Temporal Fascia FLAP in Rhitidoplasty
32.Neck Lift - Restoring the Neck Contour
33.The FAMI Technique With Mesenchymal Stem Cells - Pan Facial Rejuvenation Without a Scalpel
34.Rhytidoplasty - My Current Techniques, Biplane Extended Facelift, and Microlift
35.The Striking Continuous Evolution In Surgical Face Lifting Technique
36.The Technique and Legacy of the Lateral Smasectomy to Rhytidoplasty
• Part IV.The Final Scars After Face-Lifting
37.History of Rhytidoplasty
38.Importance of the Pontes' Peninsulain Rhytidoplasty
39.Round Block Approach in Rhytidoplasty
40.Cut Face Lift - Closed Undermined Face Lift with Avelar's Detacher
• Part V.Complementary Approaches During Rhytidoplasty
41.Ritidoplasty with Fat Grafting and Platelet-Rich Plasma on Every Face
42.Rhytidoplasty with Fat Grafting
43.Cervicofacial Laxity Reduction with Thermotherapy with Diode Laser ? 975
44.Bichectomy - An Alternative for Facial Harmonization
45.Nasolabial Fold: Options of Treatment Concerning Aesthetic Facial Contour
46.Treatment of The Nasolabial Fold
47.Non-Surgical Complementary Procedures to Improve Facial Contour
48.Facial Surgery in Postbariatric Patients
49.Hemostatic Net
• Part VI.Associated Procedures During Rhytidoplasty
50.Frontal Region Rejuvenation
51.Endoscopic Video Rhytidoplasty
52.Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty
53.Cantopexy and Cantoplasty
54.Improvement of Temporal-Orbital-Palpebral Regions Throught Extended Blepharoplasty
55.Aesthetic Osteotomies of Facial Skeleton to Improve Facial Contour
56.Blepharoplasty - A Periorbital Rejuvenation Technique
57.Creation of the Upper Fold Eyelid in Asian Patients
58.Lip Shortening and Vermilion Augmentation to Improve Facial Contour
• Part VII.Post operatory Approaches after Rhytidoplasty
59.Hair Transplantation for the Reconstruction of the Hairline Following a Facelift
60.Nerves Injuries During Rhytidoplasty - How to Avoid and Surgical Reparation
61.Secondary Rhytidoplasty
62.Correction of Unsatisfactory Results in Rhytidoplasty and Secondary Procedures
63.Secondary Approaches on Rhytidoplasty
64.Complications in Rhytidoplasty - How to Prevent and Treat Them.

Rhytidoplasty is a palliative procedure in which face wrinkles are surgically removed to promote a more youthful appearance. This book, written by leading specialists for Brazil and abroad, discusses a wide variety of topics related to facial rejuvenation. The first sections focus on the surgical planning, including psychological considerations, preparation of the patient and anatomical and biochemical changes caused by the aging process. It also describes the surgical anatomy of the forehead, face, neck and eyelids. The third section provides a comprehensive overview of the basic techniques of facelift with details of refined surgical approaches for each segment of the face and neck. It highlights liposuction techniques, lipo-injection as well as transference of stem cells, showing their importance in reshaping the facial contours. It addresses both the treatment of soft tissue and craniofacial bone structures to improve the aesthetics of the face. The next sections present the final scars after face-lifting, minimally invasive procedures as complementary approaches during rhytidoplasty and the associated procedures during rhytidoplasty. The last section discusses postoperative care.
Aesthetic Facial Surgery consists of 64 chapters focusing on all aspects of face lifting, and meticulously describes surgical details not covered in other medical books. Featuring numerous figures, photographs and videos, it is a valuable resource for young and experience surgeons alike around the world.

• Provides comprehensive descriptions of basic facelift techniques
• Presents an in-depth overview of the regional anatomy of the face and neck as well as refined surgical details
• Features numerous figures, photographs and videos

Dr. Juarez Avelar is a former President of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (1986-87) and (1990-91), and of the Alumni Association of Prof. Ivo Pitanguy (AExPI) (2002-04) and (2004-06) – Brazil. He is also a former President of the Prof. Illouz Association (2005-08), and founding member and former President of the Brazilian Association of Tissue Engineering and Stem Cells (ABRATRON) (2005-08). He was an Assistant Professor at the Plastic Surgery Unit at the Marília Medical School (Brazil); and has been an active member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) (since 1976); a Professor of Plastic Surgery at the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) (since 1997); a Fellow Member of the International College of Surgeons (since 1977); an Honorary Member of the Medicine Academy of São Paulo (since 1990 – Brazil); an Honorary Member of the Plastic Surgeons Association of Israel (since 1977); an invited Professor at the Plastic Department, Medical School of Pernambuco Federal University - Brazil; Head of the Brazilian Scientific Institute of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (since 1976). In addition, he is Training Professor for the International Confederation of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery (IPRAS) (since 2014); an active member of the Brazilian Society of Writers Doctors (SOBRAMES) (since 2017) and an Invited Professor at the Post-Graduation of Latu Sensu in Plastic Surgery of Federal University of Rio de Janeiro State (UNIRIO) (since 2017).
Dr. Avelar has published several books and textbooks on plastic surgery, both in Portuguese and in English, including Ear Reconstruction (Springer, 2013 and 2017 - 2nd Edition), New Concepts in Abdominoplasty and Further Applications (Springer, 2016) and Breast Surgery – Aesthetic Approaches (Springer, 2018).