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• Scientific fundamental of artificial intelligence
• Specimen in AI in medicine
• AI in medicine historical to present projects
• Lessons for all doctors
• AIM and the emergence of Deep Medicine
• AIM in Medical Decisions
• AIM in Medical Diagnostics
• AIM in Medical Education
• AIM in Medical Guidelines
• AIM in Medical Informatics
• AIM and the emergence of Deep Medicine, part 2
• Introductory & Overview Studies on AIM
• Basic Principles Studies on AIM
• Alphabetical list of AIM in Medical Specialities
• Introduction to the systematic review
• Explanation of the structure, methods, online material
• AIM and the Patient's Perspective
• AIM Impact on Modern Medicine
• AIM and the Scientific background to medicine
• AIM and Medical Science in General
• AIM and the Evolution
• AIM in Medical Ethics
• AIM in Evidence-based medicine
• AIM and the EBM Application
• AIM and the Personalisation of EBM
• AIM in Medical Imaging and Radiology
• AIM in Electronic Health Records
• AIM in Large-Scale randomized evidence trials and meta-analyses of trials
• AIM in Future Medical Trials
• AIM in Clinic Planning and Management
• AIM in Medical Economics
• AIM in Health Economics and The Funding of Health Care
• AIM and Health Care Effectivity
• AIM in Public Health
• AIM and Health Care Priorities
• AIM and Medical Innovation
• AIM in Alternative Medicine
• AIM in Global Medicine
• AIM in Global Disease Prevention and Control
• AIM and Populations Growth vs Health
• AIM in Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
• AIM in Preventive medicine
• AIM in Medical Portables
• AIM in Medical Robotics
• AIM in Medical Screenings
• AIM and the importance of mass communication and positive health promotion
• AIM and the influence of wealth to health
• AIM and the costs of Western Health Care
• AIM in the African demographic entrapment
• AIM usage in human disasters
• AIM in preclinical specialities
• AIM in cell biology
• AIM and the cell
• AIM in molecular biology
• AIM and the human genome sequencing
• AIM in the genomic basis of medicine
• AIM and cytokines
• AIM and ion channels
• AIM and intracellular signalling
• AIM and apotoptosis
• AIM and embryonic stem cells & regenerative medicine
• AIM and stem cells
• AIM in Clinical Immunology
• AIM and immunological mechanisms
• AIM and the immunological structure and function
• AIM and the innate immune system
• AIM and the complement system
• AIM and adaptive immunity
• AIM in immunodeficiency
• AIM in allergy
• AIM in autoimmunity
• AIM and transplantation medicine
• AIM in Telemedicin
• AIM in Oncology
• AIM and the principles of clinical oncology
• AIM in epidemiology of cancer
• AIM in Epidemiology
• AIM and cancer development
• AIM and the genetics of inherited cancers
• AIM in cancer immunity and clinical oncology
• AIM in the management of cancer and clinical feature
• AIM in cancer chemotherapy and radiation therapy
• AIM in Infectious Medicine
• AIM and pathogenitc organisms in general
• AIM and the biology of pathogenic microorganisms
• AIM and the management of infected patients
• AIM and early suspicion of infection
• AIM and the clinical approach in infectious medicine
• AIM and fever of unknown origin
• AIM and the avoidance of nosocomial infections
• AIM and infections in immunocompromised patients
• AIM in Antimicrobial chemotherapy
• AIM in Immunization
• AIM in Travel and expedition medicine
• AIM and viruses
• AIM and Respiratory tract viruses
• Herpes
• Proxi
• Mumps
• Measles
• Nipah and Hendra virus encephalitides
• Enterovirus infections
• AIM and HIV
• AIM and cancerous viruses
• AIM and bacterial infections
• AIM and sexual health
• AIM and epidemiology of STDs
• AIM and Sexual Behaviour
• AIM in Sexual History and Examination
• AIM and contraception
• AIM and Chemical and physical injuries and environmental factors and disease
• AIM in Clinical Toxicology
• AIM and Poisoning by Drugs and Chemicals
• AIM in Occupational health and safety
• AIM in Occupational and environmental health
• AIM in Aerospace medicine
• AIM in Diving Medicine
• AIM in Radiation
• AIM in bioterrorism
• AIM in Pharmacology
• AIM in Clinical pharmacology
• AIM and Principles of clinical pharmacology and drug therapy
• AIM in nutrition
• AIM and macronutrient metabolism
• AIM and Vitamins and trace elements
• AIM in Severe malnutrition
• AIM and overnutrition
• AIM and obesity
• AIM in Artificial nutrition support
• AIM in Metabolic disorders
• AIM and The inborn errors of metabolism
• AIM in Breast Cancer
• AIM and Diabetes
• AIM and Hypoglycaemia avoidance
• AIM in Medical Disorders in Pregnancy
• AIM in Paediatrics
• AIM in Pathology
• AIM in Gastroenterology
• AIM in Endoscopy Procedures
• AIM in Colonoscopy and Flexible Sigmoidoscopy
• AIM in Gastroscopy
• AIM in Advanced Endoscopy procedures and Ultrasound
• AIM in Capsule Endoscopy
• AIM and the acute abdomen
• AIM in Cardiovascular disorders
• AIM in Surgery
• AIM in Urology
• AIM in Anaesthesiology
• AIM in Critical Care
• AIM in Cardiac Arrest
• AIM in Anaphylaxis
• AIM in Rehabilitation Medicine
• AIM in Respiratory Disorders
• AIM In Rheumatological Disorders
• AIM in Disorders of the skeleton
• AIM in Disorders of the kidney and urinary tract
• AIM in Haematology
• AIM In Anemia
• AIM in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
• AIM in Acute Myeloid Leukemia
• AIM in Clinical Physiology
• AIM in Clinical Skills
• AIM in Dermatology
• AIM in Clinical Physiology
• AIM in Clinical Neurophysiology
• AIM in Neurology
• AIM in Parkinson
• AIM in Multiple Sclerosis
• AIM in Motor Neuron Disorders
• AIM in Epilepsy
• AIM in Sleep Medicine
• AIM in Ataxic disorders
• AIM and Brainstem syndromes
• AIM in Stroke: cerebrovascular disease
• AIM in Ear-Nose-Throat Medicine
• AIM in General Medicine
• AIM in Ophthalmology
• AIM and eye diseases in general practice
• AIM in Psychiatry and Drug Related Problems
• AIM in Addictive Medicine
• AIM and the takig of psychiatric history
• AIM in acute behavioural emergencies
• AIM in Neuropsychiatric disorders
• AIM in psychiatry of practical medicine
• AIM and PTSD
• AIM in suicide prevention
• AIM and unexplained symptoms
• AIM and chronic fatigue syndrome
• AIM in Anxiety and depression
• AIM in eating disorders
• AIM in schizophrenia
• AIM in psychiatric treatments
• AIM in psychopharmacology
• AIM in the psychological treatment in medical practice
• AIM in psychological therapy
• AIM in alcohol and drug dependence
• AIM in Forensic Medicine
• AIM in Forensic medicine for the practising doctor
• AIM in sports medicine
• AIM in Sports and exercise medicine
• AIM in Gynaecology
• AIM in Gerontology
• AIM and medicine in old age
• AIM and Mental disorders of old age
• AIM in Pain Management
• AIM and pain
• AIM and the dealing with pain
• AIM in palliative medicine
• AIM in palliative care
• AIM in the biochemistry of medicine
• AIM and biochemical decision support
• AIM in acute medicine
• AIM and acute medical presentations
• AIM and the practical procedure of medicine
• AIM and the Climate Impact of Health Care
• AIM in Nanomedicine
• AIM and the 5G Impact on Medicine
• AIM and mHealth, Smartphones and Apps
• AIM and Philosphical Aspects
• AIM and Political and Gender Aspects.

This book provides a structured and analytical guide to the use of artificial intelligence in medicine. Covering all areas within medicine, the chapters give a systemic review of the history, scientific foundations, present advances, potential trends, and future challenges of artificial intelligence within a healthcare setting.
Artificial Intelligence in Medicine aims to give readers the required knowledge to apply artificial intelligence to clinical practice. The book is relevant to medical students, specialist doctors, and researchers whose work will be affected by artificial intelligence.