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• Section I. Pituitary Gland Tumors
1 Pathologies of the Stellar Region
2 Endoscopic Transnasal Approach for Pituitary Tumor
3 Endoscopic Endonasal Surgeries for Pituitary Macroadenoma
4 Endoscopic Endonasal Revision Surgeries Adenoma
5 Endoscopic Endonasal Surgery for Functioning Pituitary Adenoma
6 Endoscopic Endonasal Surgery for Cystic Lesions of the Sella
• Section II. Supra-sellar Region
7 Craniopharyngioma
8 Endoscopic Endonasal Transpheniodal Transplanum Transtuberculum Approach
9 Endoscopic Endonasal Surgeries for Craniopharyngioma
10 Microsurgical Approach for Suprasellar Lesions
11 Sellar, Parasellar, and Suprasellar Meningioma
12 Tailored Endonasal Endoscopic Approaches for Meningioma Involving the Planum Spheniodale
13 Pterional Craniotomy and Resection of Tuberculum Sellae Meningioma
• Section III. Transcribriform Approach
14 Endoscopic Resection of Sinonasal Tumors with Endonasal Craniectomy
• Section IV. Clival Region
15 Skull Base Chordoma
16 Transclival Approach to the Skull Base and Posterior Fossa
17 Endoscopic Endonasal Surgeries for Clival Chordomas
• Section V. Cranio-Cervical Junction
18 Pathologies of the Craniocervical Junction
19 Endonasal Endoscopic Surgeries of the Craniocervical Junction
• Section VI. Orbit Region
20 Approach to Orbital Lesions; Intraconal and Extraconal
21 Endonasal Endoscopic Surgeries of the Orbit
• Section VII. Orbital Apex and Optic Nerve
22 Pathologies of the Orbital Apex and Optic Nerve
23 Endonasal Endoscopic Surgeries of the Orbit Apex and Optic Nerve
• Section VIII. Infratemporal Fossa and Parapharyngeal Space
24 Endoscopic Transpterygoid Approaches to the Coronal Plane
25 Endonasal Endoscopic Surgeries of Lesions Occupying the Infratemporal Fossa and the Parapharyngeal Space
26 Management of Juvenile Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma
• Section IX. Petrous Region
27 Pathologies of the Petrous Apex
28 Endonasal Endoscopic Surgeries for Petrous Apex Lesions
29 Endoscopic Petroclival Approach
• Section X. Meckel's Cave
30 Meckel's Cave Lesions
31 Endonasal Endoscopic Surgeries at Meckel's Cave
32 Trigeminal Schwannomas
• Section XI. Cerebrospinal Fluid Rhinorrhea
33 Endoscopic Management of Cerebrospinal Fluid Rhinorrhea
34 Endonasal Endoscopic Surgeries for Cerebrospinal Fluid Leakage
35 Open Surgical Management of Encephaloceles
• Section XII. Reconstruction in Endoscopic Skull Base
36 Principles and Techniques of Reconstruction in Skull Base Defects
• Section XIII. Cavernous Sinus
37 Transcavernous and Anterior Transpetrous Approaches
38 Cavernous Sinus Surgery
• Section XIV. Sinonasal Tumors
39 Sinonasal Tumors
40 Endonasal Endoscopic Management of Sinonasal Tumors
• Section XV. Skullbase Fibro-osseous Pathologies
41 Skull Base Fibro-Osseous Pathologies
42 Endoscopic Management of Skull Base Fibro-Osseous Pathologies
43 Combined Open and Endonasal Endoscopic Management of Skullbase Fibro-osseous Pathologies
• Section XVI. Complications
44 Complications in Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery
• Section XVII. Basics in Otology
45 Cortical Mastoidectomy
46 Posterior Tympanotomy and Extended Posterior Tympanotomy
47 Facial Nerve Anatomy and Relationships
• Section XVIII. Trnaslabyrinthine Approach
48 The Enlarged Translabyrinthine Approach
49 Translabyrinthine Approach for the Resection of a Large Vestibular Schwannoma
• Section XIX. Approaches Through the Otic Capsule
50 Modified Transcochlear Approach Type A
51 Transotic Approach
52 Modified Transcochlear Approach Type B
53 Modified Transcochlear Approach Type C
• Section XX. Retrolabyrinthine Approach
54 Petrous Apex Cholesterol Granuloma Excision—Transmastoid Retrolabyrinthine Approach
• Section XXI. Presigmoid Approach
55 Presigmoid Retrolabyrinthine Approach
• Section XXII. Management of Glomus Tumors/Approaches to Jugular Foramen
56 Glomus Tympanicum Tumors
57 Management of Class B1 and B2 Temporal Bone Paragangliomas (Glomus Tumors)
58 Management of Class B3 Temporal Bone Paragangliomas (Glomus Tumors)
59 Management of Type C Glomus Tumors: Infratemporal Fossa Type A Approach for Glomus Jugulare Tumors
60 Petro-Occipital Transsigmoid Approach
• Section XXIII. Approach to Foramen Magnum Tumors
61 Far and Extreme Lateral Transcondylar Approach to the Foramen Magnum
• Section XXIV. Surgeries for Vertigo
62 Endolymphatic Sac Decompression
63 Transmastoid Labyrinthectomy
64 Vestibular Neurotomy b

This book has a comprehensive overview of pituitary tumors, craniopharyngioma, meningioma, craniovertebral junction pathologies and chordoma
This book describes the step-by-step description with detailed photographs. More than 2000 high-definition photographs to enhance the understanding of the text. Detailed description of tips, tricks and pitfalls to be avoided covered in this atlas.

Key Features
• Chapters on complications and their management, reconstruction of skull base defects and rehabilitation.
• A detailed table of contents.
• Tips and Pearls are the essence of the chapters.
• 2000 high quality images.