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1 History of the Breast Surgery
2 Milestone Studies in the Breast Surgery
3 Essential Anatomy
4 Breast Cancer Genetics
5 Molecular Classification of the Breast Cancer
6 Basic Pathology
7 Risk & Management Strategies
8 Quality Issues & Physician Awareness
9 Patient Assessment, Documentation and Clinical Staging
10 Imaging
11 Interventional Radiology
12 Treatment-Directive Pathology
13 Multidisciplinary Meeting
14 Primary / Neoadjuvant Treatments
15 Decision-Making / Operative Planning
16 Breast
17 Axilla
18 Loco-Regional Recurrences
19 Distant metastases
20 Situation awareness, communication and teamwork in the Operating Room
21 Breast conserving and oncoplastic surgery targeting oncoplastic in breast cancer
22 Standard breast conserving surgery
23 Level I therapeutic mammoplasty
24 Level II therapeutic mammoplasty: Round block, Batwing (Omega), Racquet techniques
25 Inferior pedicle mammoplasty
26 Superior pedicle mammoplasty
27 Le-Jour, Vertical Scar & Grisotti techniques
28 L-plasty, J-plasty, V-mammoplasty
29 Latissimus dorsi flap reconstruction
30 Mastectomy-Standard/Skin Sparing/Smiley type
31 Whole breast reconstruction
32 Implant-based reconstruction
33 Autologous tissue-based
34 Symmetrisation
35 Augmentation Mastopexy
36 Reduction mammoplasty
37 Fat grafting in breast reconstruction
38 Technical details, purification, the contraindications, complications and cosmetic results of the technique
39 Nipple-areola reconstruction
40 Lymphatic surgery
41 Level I-II (+) III axillary dissection
42 Sentinel lymph node biopsy
43 Sentinel lymph node biopsy in special conditions
44 Lympho-venous bypass & Lymphoid tissue transfer
45 Immediate Patient Care
46 Short-Term Complications & Management
47 Planning Adjuvant Treatment
48 Radiation Treatment
49 Systemic Treatments
50 Follow-up & Long-Term Patient Care
51 Long-Term Complications & Management
52 Judicial Issues
53 Inflammatory breast cancer
54 Male breast cancer
55 Occult Breast Cancer
56 Breast Cancer in older women.

Breast cancer is a disease requiring multidisciplinary management including surgery, medical and radiation oncology, radiology, pathology, nuclear medicine, genetic counseling, and psychological support. Each member of the team needs to be updated continuously on breast cancer treatment because of its rapidly changing nature. From the diagnostic procedures to operations and even in metastatic stages of breast cancer, surgeons play an essential part in multidisciplinary teams. After standard surgical options, oncoplastic breast surgery is rapidly becoming one of the most important surgical topics that should be learned by attending surgeons. The idea of writing this book stemmed from a collaboration between the European Academy of Senology (EAoS), European Institute of Oncology (IEO), Euro-Asian Society of Mastology (ESOMA), and SENATURK (Turkish Academy of Senology), which have been working together to promote better training in breast care for professionals. The book offers invaluable support for breast surgeons by covering critical and essential information in senology. It will also greatly benefit the other members of multidisciplinary teams, surgery residents, gynecologists, and plastic and reconstructive surgeons.

• Features a wealth of illustrations and drawings to ensure a full understanding of the surgical techniques
• Includes all the information needed to rapidly acquire the relevant surgical techniques
• Addresses all three stages (pre-operative, perioperative and post-operative) of decision-making

• Mahdi Rezai is a Breast Surgeon and Gynecologist, Director of the Düsseldorf Breast Center, Founder of the European Academy of Senology, of the first breast center in Germany, and the International Senology Initiative, as well as a member of EUROMA. After his medical studies in Paris and Düsseldorf, he worked at the gynecological hospital in Düsseldorf – Gerresheim, where he was appointed as a senior doctor and chief medical representative of the Senology department. Since 1997, he has been Medical Director of the Düsseldorf Breast Center, Luisen hospital. His activities mainly focus on breast-conserving surgery for breast cancer, reconstructive and aesthetic breast surgery, oncology for breast cancer, and post-operative treatment.
• Mehmet Ali Kocdor is a Professor of Surgery at Dokuz Eylul University Medical Faculty, Department of Surgery, Breast and Endocrine Surgery Unit since 2008. Dr. Kocdor received his medical degree at Ankara University College of Medicine and completed his general surgery residency program at Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir, Turkey. He completed a Fulbright Scholarship program at Fox Chase Cancer Center, Breast Cancer Research Laboratory, Philadelphia (USA). Dr. Kocdor’s areas of clinical and laboratory expertise include oncoplastic breast surgery, thyroid and parathyroid disorders; 3D cell culture, laboratory modelling in breast and thyroid cancer research. He is member of the International Society of Surgery (ISS/SIC), Breast Surgery International (BSI), the International Association for Endocrine Surgery, SENATURK (Turkish Academy of Senology), Turkish Surgical Society, Turkish Society of Biochemistry and wise president of Aegean Surgical Society.
• Nuh Zafer Canturk is a professor of Surgery and Surgical Oncology and also the Medical Director of Kocaeli University Hospital. He is the founder and vice president of Turkish Senology Academia (SENATURK), Society of Kocaeli Breast Disorders, and president of Innovation Society for Health Quality (SAKID), Ex-general secretary and executive committee member for Federation of Turkish Breast Societies, the Founder and the governor of The Breast Disorders Meeting of Anatolian part of Marmara (MAYMET). He is also one of the founders and executive committee members of the Turkish Breast Surgery Society. He is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons and He holds an Honorary Diplomas from the board of European surgical Society and also the Breast Division of the European Surgical Society. Following graduation from Thomasville High School, USA, Prof. Canturk obtained his medical degree (MD) and surgical residency training from Cumhuriyet University School of Medicine. He was a Visiting Professor at the Strang Cancer Prevention Center and the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (USA) in 1996-1997. He also got a diploma in surgical oncology in 2013. He was appointed as an executive committee member of the Southeast European Chapter of EUROMA. He also represents the Turkish Breast Surgical Society in the examination committee of the Breast Division in the European Board of Surgery. He is also active member of many organizations including the International Society of Surgery (ISS/SIC), Breast Surgery International (BSI), the International Association for Endocrine Surgery, SENATURK (Turkish Academy of Senology), Turkish Surgical Society. On the other hand, he has prepared several manuscripts, books, and books' chapter published and he also serves as an editor or editorial committee member on the editorial board of several national journals.