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• Part I. Normal Variants and Mimickers:
1. Vascular channels Zoran Rumboldt
2. Pars defects Eytan Raz and Zoran Rumboldt
3. Unfused C1 arches Russel Chapin
4. Ponticulus posticus Russel Chapin and Zoran Rumboldt
5. Os Odontoideum Russel Chapin and Zoran Rumboldt
6. Limbus vertebra Russel Chapin
7. Nuchal ligament ossification Russel Chapin
8. CT motion artifacts Alessandro Cianfoni
• Part II. Recommendations, Pitfalls and Controversies:
9. When and how to scan Vikas Agarwal
10. Role of plain films Gregory A. Vorona and Eytan Raz
11. CT streak artifacts Zoran Rumboldt
12. MRI after a negative CT Stephen R. Love and Stephen P. Kalhorn
13. Stable and unstable injuries Abhay Varma and Alessandro Cianfoni
14. Whiplash injury Abhay Varma and Stephen P. Kalhorn
15. Findings likely to be missed Zoran Rumboldt
• Part III. Trauma to Uncompromised Spine:
16. Simple compression fracture Hrvoje Vavro
17. Occipital condyle fracture Russel Chapin and Hrvoje Vavro
18. C1 lateral mass fracture Doris Dodig
19. Anterior or posterior atlas fractures Doris Dodig and Zoran Rumboldt
20. Odontoid fractures types 1 and 3 Doris Dodig and Abhay Varma
21. Unilateral facet dislocation Zoran Rumboldt
22. Isolated fracture of the lamina Zoran Rumboldt
23. Isolated transverse process fracture Zoran Rumboldt
24. Isolated spinous process fracture Doris Dodig
25. Vertebral body edema/microfracture Emanuele Pravata
26. Jefferson's fracture Russel Chapin
27. Burst fractures at other levels Hrvoje Vavro and Zoran Rumboldt
28. Odontoid fracture Type 2 Daniela Distefano and Alessandro Cianfoni
29. Hangman's fracture Emanuele Pravata
30. Bilateral facet dislocation Hrvoje Vavro and Abhay Varma
31. Chance-like fracture Zoran Rumboldt and Hrvoje Vavro
32. Flexion teardrop fracture Emanuele Pravata
33. Extension teardrop fracture Hrvoje Vavro and Zoran Rumboldt
34. Spinal cord injury Vikas Agarwal and Abhay Varma
35. Nerve root avulsion Daniela Distefano and Abhay Varma
36. Subarachnoid hemorrhage Zoran Rumboldt
37. Subdural hematoma Daniela Distefano
38. Epidural hematoma Emanuele Pravata
39. Disk herniation Eytan Raz and Abhay Varma
40. Vertebral artery injury Vikas Agarwal and Alessandro Cianfoni
41. Ligamentous injury Doris Dodig and Zoran Rumboldt
42. Penetrating injuries Zoran Rumboldt and Abhay Varma
• Part IV. Thoracolumbar Trauma Classification:
43. TLICS scoring and compression/burst injury Vikas Agarwal and Russel Chapin
44. TLICS translation/rotational injury Russel Chapin and Zoran Rumboldt
45. TLICS distraction injury Russel Chapin
• Part V. Specifics of Pediatric Spinal Trauma:
46. Specific pitfalls and measurements Alisa Sumkin and Giulio Zuccoli
47. SCIWORA Orrie Close and Giulio Zuccoli
48. Atlanto-occipital dislocation Michael Paul Yannes and Zoran Rumboldt
49. Atlanto-axial distraction Michael Paul Yannes and Giulio Zuccoli
50. Atlanto-axial rotatory subluxation Giulio Zuccoli and Alessandro Cianfoni
51. Osteogenesis Imperfecta Orrie Close and Giulio Zuccoli
52. Abusive spinal injury Orrie Close and Zoran Rumboldt
• Part VI. Trauma to Compromised Spine:
53. Malignant vertebral body compression fracture Alessandro Cianfoni
54. Benign vertebral body compression fracture Alessandro Cianfoni
55. Sacral insufficiency fracture Daniela Distefano
56. Ankylosed spine fractures Russel Chapin

Delayed recognition of an injury or improper stabilization of the spine can lead to irreversible spinal cord injury and permanent neurological damage. This highly illustrated resource chronicles the rapid developments in imaging technology and expertise over the past decades that have transformed the medical management of vertebral injury, including thoracolumbar trauma classification. With over 250 CT and MRI images, this essential text is designed to aid both trainees and practicing physicians in making rapid and accurate diagnoses to patients with spinal trauma and provide appropriate care. This clear, concise, case-based resource will serve as a guide and learning source for trainees as well as an easily navigable reference for medical practitioners that can be essential to establishing the presence of an acute spinal injury.