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Editors' note
Introductory comments by Julian C. Hughes
• Part I. Epidemiology and Types of Disorders:
1. Epidemiology and mental health in old age Philippa Lilford and Julian C Hughes
2. Vascular dementia Hugh Series and Margaret Esiri
3. Young-onset dementias Kate Jefferies and Niruj Agrawal
4. Rare and unusual dementias Susham Gupta, Olivia Fiertag, Thanakumar Thanulingam, Elena Ros, Bryan Strange and James Warner
5. Mania in late life Felicity Richards and Martin Curtice
6. Alcohol misuse in older people Rahul Rao and Ilana B. Crome
7. Drug misuse in older people: old problems and new challenges Ajay Wagle and Vellingiri Raja Badrakalimuthu
8. Mental health in Parkinson's disease Shoned Jones, Kelli M. Torsney, Lily Scourfield, Katie Berryman and Emily J. Henderson
• Part II. Assessment and Investigations:
9. The home assessment in old age psychiatry: a practical guide Bradley Ng and Martin Atkins
10. Driving in dementia: a clinician's guide Sarah Wilson and Gill Pinner
11. Mini-mental state examination for the detection and prediction of Dementia in people with and without mild cognitive impairment Alex J. Mitchell
12. Biomarkers and the diagnosis of preclinical Alzheimer's disease Philippa Lilford and Julian C. Hughes
13. To scan or not to scan: neuroimaging in mild cognitive impairment and dementia Victoria Sullivan, Biswadeep Majumdar, Anna Richman and Sobhan Vinjamuri
• Part III. Approaches to Management:
14. Supporting self-management in early dementia: a contribution towards 'living well'? Jo Cheffey, Laura Hill and Glenn Roberts
15. What can person-centred care in dementia learn from the recovery movement? Laura Hill, Glenn Roberts and Rachel Perkins
16. Psychosocial interventions in dementia Andrew Kiridoshi
17. Palliative care in dementia: issues and evidence Julian C Hughes, David Jolley, Alice Jordan and Elizabeth L. Sampson
18. Review of treatment for late-life depression Katherine Hay, Will Stageman and Charlotte L. Allan
19. Reducing the healthcare burden of delirium: the challenge of developing more cognitive-friendly services David J. Meagher, Henry O'Connell, Walter Cullen and Dimitrios Adamis
20. Controlling the confusion: using barrier analysis in the care home sector Robert Colgate, Alison Turner and Danika Rafferty
• Part IV. Law, Ethics, and Philosophy:
21. Mental health laws from all UK jurisdictions Carole Burrell and Charlotte Emmett
22. Deprivation of liberty: where are we now? Nick Brindle and Christian Walsh
23. Residence capacity: its nature and assessment Julian C. Hughes, Marie Poole, Stephen J. Louw, Helen Greener and Charlotte Emmett
24. Understanding the person with dementia: a clinico-philosophical case discussion Julian C. Hughes and Aileen Beatty
Concluding reflections by Philippa Lilford

This book updates articles previously published in BJPsych Advances to compile a current review of noteworthy subjects in old age psychiatry. It opens with epidemiology, then offers information and advice about a variety of disorders, including rare and unusual dementias. It considers assessment, from cognitive testing and the use of neuroimaging, to newer issues around biomarkers. Turning to treatment and management, the book provides readers with up-to-date evidence-based guidance on common situations that clinicians face, from home assessments to giving advice about driving. It refreshingly discusses self-management and the notion of recovery; it reviews the literature on psychosocial interventions and palliative care; and it tackles delirium and depression. The final chapters explore related legal, ethical, and philosophical issues. Written for old age psychiatrists and trainees, but also relevant to other health and social care workers, this text shows the excitement of old age psychiatry – its importance, breadth, and depth.

• Provides up-to-date evidence-based information, acting as an invaluable source for continuing professional development
• Contains chapters from a multidisciplinary group of contributors on emerging issues, from the scientific to the socio-ethical to the legal, introducing practitioners to new ideas
• Sheds light on topics that are everyday matters but are less frequently discussed in the literature, reminding clinicians of topics with which they are familiar but about which it is prudent to be reflective and informed in their thinking
• Updates classic articles, previously published in BJPsych Advances

• Julian Hughes, Policy, Ethics and Life Sciences (PEALS) Research Centre, Newcastle University; The Collaborating Centre for Values-Based Practice in Health and Social Care, St. Catherine’s College, Oxford
Julian C. Hughes is Honorary Professor of Old Age Psychiatry at the University of Bristol, and Visiting Professor of Philosophy of Ageing at the Policy, Ethics and Life Sciences (PEALS) Research Centre, Newcastle University, UK. During his time as a fellow of both the Royal College of Psychiatrists and the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, he has also advised various national and international bodies and served as deputy chair of the Nuffield Council on Bioethics. With Toby Williamson, he wrote The Dementia Manifesto (Cambridge, 2019).
• Philippa Lilford, Severn Deanery, University of Bristol
Philippa Lilford is an ST5 General Adult and Old Age Registrar in the Severn Deanery (Severn Postgraduate Medical Education School of Psychiatry) and Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Bristol. She has worked as a psychiatrist in Malawi in 2015 and has recently been awarded a Wellcome Trust-funded clinical primer with Cardiff University, researching the genetic epidemiology of psychiatric illness. She has an interest in global mental health, and healthcare law and ethics.