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1. Surgical Treatment of Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastases (CRLM) - Historical Aspects
2. The Biology of Colorectal Liver Metastases
3. Molecular Biomarkers for the Management of Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastases
4. Diagnosis of Colorectal Liver Metastases
5. Role of Imaging in the Management of Patients with Potentially Resectable CRLM
6. Staging Classifications of Colorectal Liver Metastases
7. Prognostic Factors of Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastasis
8. Clinical Scoring Systems for Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastases
9. What Is the Impact of Positive Margins in the Liver?
10. Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) and the Management of Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastases
11. Defining Resectability of Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastases: Technical and Oncologic Perspectives
12. Algorithms for Patients with Colorectal Liver Metastasis
13. Treatment Options for Resectable Colorectal Liver Metastases in the Presence of Extrahepatic Disease
14. Anatomical, Physiological, and Kinetic Evaluation of the Future Liver Remnant of CRLM After Portal Vein Embolisation
15. Systemic Therapy for Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastases: Sorting Through the Options
16. Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy for Resectable Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastases: Indications and Results
17. Management of Disappearing Liver Metastasis Following Preoperative Chemotherapy
18. Conversion Chemotherapy for CRLM-Best Associations, and Does Conversion Translate into Longer Survival?
19. Adjuvant Chemotherapy for CRLM: Indications and Results
20. Surgical Outcome of Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastases in Our Facility: Efficacy of Conversion Surgery in Initially Unresectable Colorectal Liver Metastases
21. Immunotherapy in the Management of Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastasis
22. Adjuvant Hepatic Arterial Infusion Therapy
23. Sequencing of Systemic Chemotherapy for Unresectable CRLM
24. Role of Hepatic Artery Infusion Pump Chemotherapy for Unresectable Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastases
25. Enhanced Recovery After Liver Surgery
26. Surgical Results for Synchronous Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastases
27. Resection of Metachronous Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastases: Surgical Outcomes
28. Laparoscopic Resections for Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastases
29. Robotic Partial Hepatectomy for Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastases
30. Navigation and Augmented Reality for Liver Surgery
31. Staged Hepatectomies for Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastases: When and How
32. Parenchymal-Sparing Surgery: What Is Behind It?
33. Resection of the Primary in Unresectable Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastases – Is It Worth?
34. Liver Pedicle Lymphadenectomy: How and When?
35. ALPPS for Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastases—Short and Long-Term Results
36. Ablative Techniques for CRLM: Alone or in Association
37. Chemoembolization for Colorectal Liver Metastases
38. Role of Y90 Radioembolization in Hepatic Metastatic Colorectal Carcinoma
39. Liver Transplantation for CRLM—Is It Ever Indicated?
40. External Radiation for Unresectable CRLM
41. Lessons from Collaborative Big Data—Insights from LiverMetSurvey Registry
42. Prognosis and Management of Recurrent Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer is the third most commonly diagnosed condition in oncology, affecting around 1.23 million individuals per year, according to recent statistics. Of these patients, about 50% will develop liver metastases and approximately 20% will present a stage IV disease at diagnosis. These statistics make colorectal liver metastases (CLM) an issue of major importance in current oncology.
The area of CLM is subject to great and continuous advances, as its pathophysiologic mechanisms are better understood and more therapeutic and surgical options are developed. Consequently, all professionals involved with the diagnosis, treatment and follow up of CLM should be kept up to date with the latest advances on the field, to provide high standard medical care to their patients.
This book is designed to present the state-of-the-art in CLM management and, in doing so, to review the current evidence on CLM, discussing all important topics in the field. Coverage is broad and comprehensive, encompassing introductory topics (history, definitions, epidemiology, etc.), basic science subjects (molecular biology, genetics, dissemination process, etc.) and practical clinical topics (tumor behavior, diagnosis, drug therapy, radiation therapy, surgery, ablation, multidisciplinary teams, etc.).
Although comprehensive on the coverage and selection of topics, each chapter is concise and objective, dissecting topics in a practical and direct format. Evidences and recommendations are included. Chapters display a brief introduction of the common knowledge, go straight to the detailed revision of the most recent years of the literature, and end with practical closing observations.
This book is a tool for professionals (general and cancer surgeons, HPB surgeons, clinical oncologists, gastroenterologists and medical residents) and interns who search for a qualified and reader friendly revision on topics concerning Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastases.

• Includes state-of-the-art, practical material on colorectal liver metastases
• Written in a concise and objective manner to ensure direct clinical applicability
• Offers a comprehensive overview, encompassing the most important topics in the field