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• Section 1: Aortic Valve
Chapter 1. TAVR in Bicuspid Aortic Insufficiency following Valve-Sparing Aortic Root Replacement (Valve-in-Graft)
Chapter 2. Coronary access protection technique (Chimney) during TAVR
Chapter 3. TAVR in Patient with a Large Apical Left Ventricular Thrombus
Chapter 4. Acute embolic occlusion of the left coronary artery following TAVR
Chapter 5. Sapien-3 THV dislodgment during balloon inflation
Chapter 6. Balloon burst during a Sapien-3 THV inflation
Chapter 7. THV embolization due to Non-captured pacing
Chapter 8. Reduction in Left coronary artery flow after Valve-in-Valve TAVR procedure
Chapter 9. Two-Valves solution for unstable self-expandable valve and aortic root aneurysm
Chapter 10. Bailout solution in a case of an embolized balloon expandable THV
Chapter 11. Extreme horizontal aorta in bicuspid AS patient
Chapter 12. Aortic root rupture following AV valvuloplasty and THV deployment
Chapter 13. Displacement of a THV toward ascending aorta due to premature ventricular contraction
Chapter 14. TAVR in Aortic root homograft and Challenging Access
Chapter 15. TAVR Valve dislodgement due to retrieval of the guidewire
Chapter 16. TAVR in SOV Pseudoaneurysm
Chapter 17. TAVR in Previous 2TAVRs in SAVR (Subclavian Access)
Chapter 18. Clip steerable delivery system malfunction
Chapter 19. LVOT Obstruction after TAVR
Chapter 20. LM Obstruction following ViV procedure involving Mitroflow
Chapter 21. Closure of subvalvular fistula and occlusion of RCA
Chapter 22. Cardiac Arrest due to Protamine Sulphate
Chapter 23. LVOT obstruction following TMVR treated with self-expanding THV
Chapter 24. TAVR in large aortic annulus
Chapter 25. TAVR in situs inversus
Chapter 26. TAVR in Bicuspid aortic valve
• Section 2: Mitral Valve
Chapter 27. Multiple edge-to-edge percutaneous repairs for severe mitral and tricuspid regurgitation
Chapter 28. TMVR Valve Dislodgement
Chapter 29. Air embolization during the MitraClip procedure
Chapter 30. Valve-in-Valve in severe Mitral annulus calcification
Chapter 31. Apical Aneurysm Closure
Chapter 32. Multiple clips for severe Mitral regurgitation
Chapter 33. Early degeneration of surgical mitral valve
Chapter 34. Mitral clip raptured chordae
Chapter 35. Rare anomaly of Azygos continuation of the inferior vena cava
Chapter 36. Mitral docks and leaflet thrombosis
Chapter 37. Patient with MDOCK AND EVOQUE
• Section 3: Tricuspid Valve
Chapter 38. Transcatheter Tricuspid and Mitral Valve Replacement in a Patient with Cardiogenic Shock
Chapter 39. Detachment of TR clip,

Structural heart disease encompasses a wide range of abnormalities involving noncoronary structures like the heart's valves, walls, and chambers. The last decade emphasized the burden of the disease and revolutionized the treatment strategies.

The number of percutaneous structural heart interventions constantly increases worldwide. While some parts of the world acquire experience with various intervention treatments, techniques, and devices, others are paving their first steps.

Complex Cases in Structural Heart Interventions provide a descriptive and highly illustrative insight into unique clinical situations managed by one of the world's most experienced and innovative teams.

Each case study contains a clinical presentation, imaging analysis, procedural dilemmas, and resulting outcome. A detailed explanation of the technique used, key points and tips were highlighted, and a literature review covered broad knowledge on each topic.

The authors shared their knowledge and distinctive solutions from over a decade of experience to ensure an educational adventure for the medical community and a roadmap for interventional heart teams.