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1 Surgical Complications 1
2 Complications of Parenteral Administration of Drugs 10
3 Complications of Intravascular Injection and Catheterization 16
4 Complications of Endoscopy 25
5 Complications of Nasogastric Intubation 29
6 Complications of Fluid Therapy 36
7 Complications Associated with Hemorrhage 57
8 Complications of Blood Transfusion 64
9 Complications Associated with Sutures 70
10 Complications of Bone Graft Harvesting, Handling, and Implantation 79
11 Complications of Cryosurgery 87
12 Complications of Laser Surgery 9
13 Complications of Systemic Analgesic Drugs 109
14 Complications of Loco-Regional Anesthesia 118
15 Complications of Sedative and Anesthesia Medications 135
16 Complications During Recovery from General Anesthesia 154
17 Complications Associated with Surgical Site Infections 168
18 Complications of Reconstructive Surgery 196
19 Complications of Excessive Granulation Tissue 204
20 Complications of Skin Neoplasia 212
21 Complications of Skin Grafting 222
22 Complications of Oral and Salivary Gland Surgery 233
23 Complications of Esophageal Surgery 254
24 Complications of Stomach Surgery 265
25 Complications of Splenic Surgery 272
26 Complications of Abdominal Approaches 279
27 Complications of the Intraoperative Colic Patient 291
28 Complications of the Postoperative Colic Patient 310
29 Complications of Surgery of the Rectum and Anus 374
30 Complications of Abdominal Surgery: Incisional Hernia 378
31 Complications of Equine Laparoscopy 391
32 Complications of Endoscopic Laser Surgery 404
33 Complications Following Surgery of the Equine Nasal Passages and Paranasal Sinuses 413
34 Complications of Pharynx Surgery 427
35 Complications of Larynx Surgery 438
36 Complications of Surgery for Diseases of the Guttural Pouch 468
37 Complications of Equine Tracheal Surgery 488
38 Complications of Equine Thoracic Surgery 491
39 Complications of Testicular Surgery 498
40 Complications of Penile and Preputial Surgery 522
41 Complications of Ovarian and Uterine Surgery 532
42 Complications of Vulvar, Vestibular, Vaginal, and Cervical Surgery 550
43 Complications of Urinary Surgery 571
44 Complications of Diagnostic Tests for Lameness 583
45 Complications of Synovial Endoscopic Surgery (Arthroscopy, Tenoscopy, Bursoscopy) 601
46 Complications of Equine Orthopedic Surgery 629
47 Complications of Surgery of the Equine Foot 667
48 Complications of Surgical Correction of Angular Limb Deformities 683
49 Complications of Surgical Correction of Flexural Limb Deformities 694
50 Complications of Splint Bone Fractures 718
51 Complications of Craniomaxillary and Mandible Fractures 730
52 Complications of Tendon Surgery 739
53 Complications of Muscle Surgery 757
54 Complications of Regenerative Medicine 769
55 Complications of Osseous Cyst-Like Lesions 774
56 Complications of Equine Ophthalmic Surgery 779
57 Complications of Diagnostic Procedures of the Nervous System 815
58 Complications of Anterior Cervical Fusion 826
59 Complications of Surgery for Impingement of Dorsal Spinous Processes 833
60 Complications of Peripheral Nerve Surgery 843
Index 855

A groundbreaking reference on complications associated with equine surgical procedures?.

Complications in Equine Surgery?is the first reference to focus exclusively?on understanding, preventing, recognizing, managing, and prognosing, technical and post-procedural complications in equine surgery. Edited by two noted experts on the topic, the book presents evidence-based information using a clear approach, organized by body system. Featuring color images, the book contains detailed coverage of the gastrointestinal, respiratory, musculoskeletal, urogenital, and neurological systems.??

Each chapter contains a short introduction of the procedure with explanations of when and how the procedure is to be performed. All chapters review how to recognize and prevent technical complications and explain how to manage post-operative complications. This important text:?
• Offers the first resource specifically focused on complications encountered in equine surgery??
• Takes a helpful format organized by body system?
• Provides consistently formatted chapters for ease of use
• Covers clinically relevant information for dealing with technical and post-operative complications?
• Presents more than 350 color images to illustrate the concepts?described

Written for general practitioners and specialists,?Complications in Equine Surgery?is an essential resource to decreasing morbidity and mortality?and increasing surgical success in horses.?

• Luis M. Rubio-Martínez, DVM, DVSc, PhD, DipACVS, DipECVS, DipACVSMR, MRCVS, is Senior Equine Surgeon at Sussex Equine Hospital in Ashington, UK.
• Dean A. Hendrickson, DVM, MS, DipACVS, ACVS Founding Fellow, Minimally Invasive Surgery (Large Animal Soft Tissue), is Professor of Surgery, Department of Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Colorado State University, in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.