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• Section I. General Principles
1 Surgical Anatomy of the Cranial Base: Transcranial and Endonasal Approaches
2 The Pathology of Tumors and Tumor-like Lesions of the Skull Base
3 Imaging of Skull Base Neoplasms
4 Head, Neck, and Neuro-Otologic Assessment of Patients with Skull Base Tumors
5 Anesthesia and Intraoperative Monitoring of Patients with Skull Base Tumors
6 Endoscopic Endonasal Skull Base Surgery
7 Reconstruction of Skull Base Defects
8 Radiotherapy for Skull Base Tumors: Principles and Techniques
9 Clinical Applications of Radiotherapy for Skull Base Tumors
10 Management of Benign Skull Base Tumors in Neuro-Oncology: Systemic Cytotoxic and Targeted Therapies
11 Rehabilitation of Speech and Swallowing of Patients with Tumors of the Skull Base
12 Neuropsychological Assessment of Patients with Skull Base Tumors
13 Cerebrovascular Management in Skull Base Tumors
14 Quality of Life and Measures of Outcome for Patients with Skull Base Tumors
15 Pediatric Skull Base Surgery
• Section II. Site-Specific Considerations
16 Surgical Management of Tumors of the Nasal Cavity, Paranasal Sinuses, Orbit, and Anterior Skull Base
17 Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
18 Clival Tumors
19 Tumors of the Infratemporal Fossa
20 Tumors of the Parapharyngeal Space
21 Tumors of the Temporal Bone
22 The Evaluation and Management of Sellar Tumors
23 Tumors of the Cavernous Sinus and Parasellar Space
24 Tumors of the Petrous Apex
25 Tumors of the Cerebellopontine Angle
26 Tumors of the Jugular Foramen
27 Tumors of the Craniovertebral Junction
28 Tumors of the Orbit
• Section III. Tumor-Specific Considerations
29 Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Nasal Cavity and Paranasal Sinuses
30 Non-Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Nasal Cavity and Paranasal Sinuses
31 Esthesioneuroblastoma
32 Melanoma of the Nasal Cavity and Paranasal Sinuses
33 Sarcomas of the Skull Base
34 Angiofibromas and Other Vascular Tumors of the Skull Base
35 Chordomas and Chondrosarcomas of the Skull Base
36 Meningiomas
37 Schwannomas of the Skull Base
38 Paragangliomas of the Head and Neck
39 Pituitary Adenomas
40 Craniopharyngiomas
41 Epidermoids, Dermoids, and Other Cysts of the Skull Base
42 Fibro-Osseous Lesions of the Skull Base

The consummate guide on the contemporary management of complex skull base tumors from renowned multidisciplinary experts!
An increased understanding of the biology and molecular characterization of skull base tumors has led to innovative new approaches. Endoscopic tumor resection, surgical reconstruction, and advances in radiation delivery, chemotherapy, and targeted biologic therapy, have greatly expanded treatment options for patients with these challenging tumors. The updated second edition of Comprehensive Management of Skull Base Tumors by master surgeons Ehab Hanna, Franco DeMonte, and an impressive group of global experts reflects expanded knowledge of skull base tumors and evidence-based advances.
This generously illustrated second edition is organized into three sections with 42 chapters. Section I features expanded coverage of endonasal skull base anatomy and surgical principles, as well as radiotherapeutic advances such as proton therapy and stereotactic radiation. Section II is focused on site-specific procedures with emphasis on surgical approaches, and Section III focuses on tumor-specific considerations with emphasis on multidisciplinary treatment approaches. Core topics of this thorough book include pathology, genetics, diagnostic considerations, surgical reconstruction, rehabilitation, chemotherapy, functional outcomes, quality of life issues, neurocognitive assessment, and cerebrovascular management.

Key Features
• In-depth discussion of anatomic regions of the cranial base, including surgical anatomy, regional pathology, differential diagnosis, clinical assessment, diagnostic imaging, and surgical approaches
• Incidence, epidemiology, pathology, staging, multidisciplinary treatment, outcome, and prognosis for a wide range of neoplasms including squamous cell carcinoma, chondrosarcomas, chordomas, meningiomas, schwannomas, paragangliomas, pituitary adenomas, craniopharyngiomas, epidermoids, and fibro-osseous lesions
• Outstanding illustrations, surgical and clinical photos, imaging, tables, and videos new to this edition, enhance understanding of complex skull base tumors

The most comprehensive resource available today on the management and treatment of skull base tumors, this book is essential reading for neurosurgical and otolaryngology residents. It will also benefit surgeons who specialize in oromaxillofacial, craniofacial, and plastic and reconstructive surgery.
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