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I Anatomy of the Breast
1 Anatomy of the Breast
II Primary Breast Augmentation
2 Made to Match: The Essence of Breast Implant Selection
3 Implant Options
4 Selection of the Surgical Approach
5 Implant Placement Options
6 Fat Grafting for Primary Augmentation
III Management of the Ptotic Breast
7 Preoperative Evaluation of Patients with Macromastia and Ptosis
8 Mastopexy Techniques—Basic Principles
9 Augmentation and Mastopexy—Basic Principles to Develop a Treatment Plan and Technical Pearls
10 Management of the Massive-Weight-Loss Breast
11 Internal Bra Technique in the Breast with Poor Soft Tissue Support
12 Reduction Mammoplasty
IV Management of the Undesirable Result and Revisional Breast Surgery
13 Management of Acute Complications of Aesthetic Breast Surgery Part I—Local and Systemic Complications
14 Management of Acute Complications of Aesthetic Breast Surgery Part II—Malpositions and Rippling
15 Capsular Contracture and Biofilms—Etiology, Prevention, and Treatment
16 Breast Implant–Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma
17 Managing and Mitigating Risk in Aesthetic Breast Surgery
V Easing the Transition to Technological Adoption
18 Evaluation and Surgical Management of Gynecomastia
19 Aesthetics of the Male Breast
VI Other Aesthetic Breast Surgery Topics
20 Evaluation and Treatment of Congenital Breast Deformities
21 Transgender Breast Surgery
22 Nipple Areolar Procedures and Aesthetics
23 Marketing a Cosmetic Breast Practice through Social Media Outlets
24 Breast Implant Illness
25 Appendix: Update on Breast Implant–Associated Anaplastic Large-Cell Lymphoma

The quintessential guide to state-of-the-art cosmetic breast surgery from international masters
Cosmetic Breast Surgery by internationally recognized plastic surgeons Sameer Patel, C. Bob Basu, and esteemed colleagues presents the latest augmentation, lift, reduction, and revision surgery techniques. From dedicated chapters focused on the management and correction of undesirable results to expert perspectives on male aesthetics, this remarkable book provides a one-stop resource on cosmetic breast procedures. Every chapter includes technical pearls and methodologies to help surgeons master approaches and achieve optimal patient outcomes.
Organized by six sections, the book starts with a discussion of breast anatomy, followed by a breast augmentation section that serves as a primer on breast implants, from selection to fat grafting. Section three covers management of the ptotic breast, including topics such as mastopexy, a novel internal bra technique, and reduction mammoplasty. Section four details important revision issues, such as managing acute complications and anaplastic large cell lymphoma linked to breast implants. Section five is devoted to male breast procedures, while section six includes chapters on congenital breast deformities, transgender breast surgery, and practice management issues.
Key Highlights
• A contemporary update on capsular contracture and biofilms with evidence-based insights on prevention and treatment
• Pearls on managing and mitigating risk and complications in aesthetic breast surgery
• How to market a cosmetic breast surgery practice in an ever-evolving digital ecosystem
• Nearly 300 illustrations enhance understanding of techniques

Comprehensive and diverse, this is a must-have reference for plastic surgery residents, fellows, and early-career aesthetic plastic surgeons. It will also benefit senior surgeons who wish to expand their surgical repertoire.
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