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List of contributors
In memoriam
• Section 1-A Fundamental Basis for Veterinary Ethics
1- Why do Animals Matter? The Moral Status of Animals
2- Animal Welfare: Science, Policy and the Role of Veterinarians
3- Animal Ethics and the Evolution of the Veterinary Profession in the United States
4- Introduction to Veterinary Ethics
5- Veterinary Ethics and the Law
• Section 2-Clinical Veterinary Ethics
6- Professionalism
7- Veterinary Advocacies and Ethical Dilemmas
8- Economic Issues
9- Medical Errors
• Section 3-Ethical Concerns by Practice Type
10- Companion Animals
Shelter medicine
Outdoor cats, Overpopulation
Neutering/gonadectomy, Conformational disorders, Convenience surgeries
Behavioral medicine
Futile intervention
Access to care
11- Laboratory Animals
12- Food Animals
13- Equines
14- Animals in Zoos, Aquaria, and Free-Ranging Wildlife
15- Exotic Pets
16- Integrative Medicine
17- Corporate Veterinary Medicine
18- Animal Use in Veterinary Education
19- Animal Pain
20- Animal Maltreatment
22-Moral Stress
23-The Future of Veterinary Ethics

An incisive examination of relevant and contemporary ethical issues facing veterinary practitioners, students, instructors, and animal researchers
In Ethics in Veterinary Practice: Balancing Conflicting Interests, a team of distinguished scholars delivers a foundational exploration of animal ethics and a guide to examining contemporary issues and dilemmas that arise regularly in veterinary practice. The book offers comprehensive, quickly accessible, and up-to-date information on veterinary ethics with content devoted to unique issues by practice type.
The authors offer a primary resource for veterinary ethics useful for veterinarians, faculty, instructors, senior undergraduates, and veterinary students that focuses on recognizing and addressing real-life ethical dilemmas and relevant philosophical discussions about the moral status of animals, animal rights, and interests.
Ethics in Veterinary Practice presents material on integrative medicine, animal pain, moral stress, and the future of veterinary ethics. Readers will also find:
• A thorough introduction to a theoretical basis for veterinary ethics, including discussions of animal welfare, ethical theories, and legal issues
• Comprehensive explorations of clinical veterinary ethics, including discussions of veterinary advocacy, ethical dilemmas, professionalism, economic issues, and medical errors
• Practical discussions of ethical concerns by practice type, including companion animals, equines, and animals used for food
• In-depth examination of emerging ethical concerns including animal use in veterinary education and animal maltreatment
Perfect for practicing veterinarians, veterinary students, and veterinary technicians and nurses, Ethics in Veterinary Practice: Balancing Conflicting Interests will also earn a place in the libraries of instructors teaching veterinary ethics, as well as biomedical and animal ethicists.

“As veterinary medicine becomes more technologically and socially complex, interest in ethics is growing. Ethics in Veterinary Practice provides a needed reference from the North American perspective, for anyone facing ethical dilemmas (i.e., all of us). Suitable for practitioners, students, and technicians, the book supplies factual background and practical guidance for navigation accompanied by a clear ethical analysis of common dilemmas in all aspects of veterinary medicine.”
Lisa Moses
Veterinary Specialist in Internal Medicine
Center for Bioethics
Harvard Medical School, USA
“Ethics in Veterinary Practice is a statement of both the influence of Bernie Rollin’s lifetime work and of the coming of age of veterinary ethics. From the moral status of animals to veterinary ethical dilemmas, from medical errors to professionalism, from economic issues to end-of-life decision making, Ethics in Veterinary Practice leaves no stone unturned. A must-read for students and professionals alike.”
Manuel Magalhães Sant'Ana
European Veterinary Specialist in Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law
University of Lisbon, Portugal
“This book makes a valuable contribution to the subject, hosting writing from a number of prominent scholars in the field. The book bravely tackles several contemporary issues including veterinary corporations, moral stress and medical errors as well as providing updated insights into the history of the profession and veterinary professionalism. Throughout, the complex and contested place of animals within our society is openly and thoughtfully explored from a veterinary perspective. “
Vanessa Ashall
European Veterinary Specialist in Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law
University of York, UK