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1. A history of geriatric medicine and geriatric pathology Harry Sanchez
2. Pathophysiology of ageing Joseph Elias Ibrahim, Georgia Aitken and David L. Ranson
3. Medicolegal investigation of elder maltreatment and deaths Julie Howe
4. The autopsy Cynthia A. Schandl
5. Fatal and non-fatal accidents Jason Payne-James
6. Euthanasia Stephen Cordner
7. Starvation, dehydration, malnutrition, and neglect Burkhard Madea and Elke Doberentz
8. Physical abuse and elder homicide Kim A. Collins and Rebekah Jaques
9. The ageing foot – forensic considerations Jones Podiatry
10. Forensic entomology Jeffery K. Tomberlin, Jonathan A. Cammack, Lauren M. Weidner and Robert T. Puckett
11. Non-lethal elder abuse Alex K. Williamson
12. Sexual assault in the elderly Greg Dayman
13. Hypothermia and hyperthermia in the geriatric population Christopher M. Milroy and Jacqueline L. Parai
14. Suicide and social isolation in elders Roger W. Byard
15. Cardiovascular diseases in the elderly Stephen D. Cohle and Dylan V. Miller
16. Lungs Anja C. Roden
17. Infectious conditions and the immune system in the elderly Morgyn Warner
18. Neurodegenerative diseases in the elder Ross R. Reichard, Barbara J. Crain and Linda Iles
19. Other neurological conditions and age-related changes Linda Iles and Barbara J. Crain
20. Genitourinary conditions Georgia Aitken, Noha Ferrah, Janaka Lovell, Tamsin Santos, Nicola Cunningham and Joseph Elias Ibrahim
21. The elder organ and tissue donor Kim A. Collins, Dilhani Amarasinghe and Muditha Amarasinghe
22. Conditions in gastrointestinal tract Xuchen Zhang and Dhanpat Jain
23. Hematologic conditions R. M. Wright, M. F. Cole-Sinclair and J. E. Ibrahim
24. The oral cavity of the elder Kim A. Collins and Paige J. Collins
25. The anthropology of aging S. Blau
26. Endocrinology and diabetes David Levy
27. Geriatric toxicology Laura M. Labay
28. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation related injuries in elders Kim A. Collins
29. Imaging of elders Amma N. Maurer, Anousheh Sayah, Juan M. Coca Guzman and Angela D. Levy
30. The 'virtual autopsy' and special radiographic applications Noel Woodford, Chris O'Donnell and Matthew Lynch
31. Iatrogenic deaths Joseph A. Prahlow
32. Residential care facility deaths Joyce Lynn deJong-Monroe
33. Morbid obesity and frailty Roger W. Byard
34. Ancillary testing and special dissections Mary Ann Sens and Richard Conran
35. The legal regulation of the consequences of aging Ian Freckelton
36. Death certification Cynthia A. Schandl.

Forensic pathologists and clinicians are increasingly faced with challenges when it comes to geriatric cases, due to an aging population and increased comorbidities in the elderly. This text provides an up-to-date guide to all facets of geriatric forensic pathology, with contributions from experts from a variety of disciplines. Packed with color illustrations and case examples, chapters cover inflicted, self-inflicted, and accidental trauma, as well as natural conditions leading to unexpected death. In addition, specific chapters cover a wide range of difficult and topical areas, from elder abuse, dementias, and nutrition to pharmacology and toxicology issues, long-term care facilities, and scene investigation. Topics such as euthanasia are also explored to provide the reader with a rich, contemporary understanding of medicolegal issues. This is an invaluable resource not only for pathologists, but also for medical practitioners and lawyers dealing with geriatric cases. The book comes packaged with online access to the text and high-resolution images.

• A unique reference text solely dedicated to the pathology and autopsy of elderly patients
• Each chapter of the book is a stand-alone resource, helping readers to find pertinent information easily
• Covers a very broad range of specific geriatric diseases and conditions, many of which have not been synthesized before with a forensic focus
• Includes access to an HTML version of the text on Cambridge Core

• Kim A. Collins, LifePoint Inc, South Carolina
Kim A. Collins is a forensic pathologist with Newberry Pathology Associates and Medical Director for SharingHope SC Organ and Tissue Donation Services in South Carolina.
• Roger W. Byard, University of Adelaide
Roger W. Byard holds the George Richard Marks Chair of Pathology at the University of Adelaide and is a Senior Specialist Forensic Pathologist at Forensic Science SA in Adelaide, Australia.