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1. Introduction
2. Why This Book and Why Now? A Rationale and Systems Impact for Geriatric Trauma and Acute Care Surgery
3. General Evaluation, Risk Management, and Goals of Care
4. Prehospital Care
5. The Role of the Emergency Physician for Injured Geriatric Patient Care in the ED
6. Geriatric Concussions
7. Traumatic Extra-Axial Hemorrhage in the Elderly
8. Traumatic Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
9. Neuro Critical Care
10. Geriatric Cervical Spinal Trauma: History, Presentation, and Treatment
11. Identification, Treatment, and Prognosis of Geriatric Thoracolumbar Spinal Trauma
12. Geriatric Hip Fractures
13. Geriatric Acetabulum Fractures
14. Geriatric Long Bone Fractures
15. Cardiac Trauma
16. Geriatric Thoracic Vascular Injury
17. Thoracic Trauma in the Elderly
18. Esophageal Injury
19. Liver Trauma
20. Optimal Management of Blunt Splenic Injury in the Geriatric Patient
21. Hollow Viscus Injury in Geriatric Trauma: Damage Control, Surgical Management, and Critical Care
22. Management of Pancreatic Injury in the Geriatric Patient
23. Geriatric Cerebrovascular Injury
24. Geriatric Vascular Trauma and Vascular emergencies
25. Geriatric Urologic Trauma
26. Plastics/Skin and Soft-Tissue Injury Trauma
27. Soft Tissue Infections in the Elderly
28. Thermal Injury
29. System Impact and Demographics of Abdominal Surgical Emergencies
30. Clostridium difficile Infection: Considerations in the Geriatric Population
31. Acute Diverticulitis
32. Cholecystitis
33. Gastrointestinal Bleeding in the Elderly Patient
34. Intestinal Obstruction in Geriatric Population
35. Acute Appendicitis
36. Critical Care: Pulmonary
37. Cardiac/Hemodynamic Monitoring
38. Nutrition Assessment and Therapy
39. Acute Kidney Injury (AKI)
40. Infections in the Geriatric Person Following Trauma
41. Perioperative Management of the Geriatric Patient
42. Post-acute Considerations in Disposition
43. Nursing Considerations in General Evaluation, Risk Management, and Goals of Care
44. Geriatric Trauma: Emergency Nursing Considerations
45. Nursing Care of the TBI Patient
46. Geriatric Trauma: Spinal Injury Nursing Care
47. Cardiothoracic Geriatric Trauma: Nursing Considerations
48. Nursing Care of the Client with Abdominal Trauma
49. Nursing Considerations for Traumatic Geriatric Orthopedic Injuries
50. Geriatric Peripheral Vascular Injuries: Nursing Implications
51. Geriatric Trauma Book: Urologic Trauma
52. Geriatric Trauma Book: Skin
53. Nursing Considerations in the Care of Elderly Burn Patients
54. Perioperative Nursing Considerations

The purpose of this book is to give providers of all levels a simple and essential source of practical information in treating the elderly trauma and emergency surgery patient. The Introduction instructs practitioners how to evaluate and assess risk including frailty and use this information in Goals of Care discussions to facilitate shared decision making so crucial to this population.
The individual chapters consist of best practices and care guidelines from some of the most well-known thought leaders and best trauma centers in the country across the spectrum from geriatricians to trauma and acute care surgeons and nurses. Each chapter contains easy-to-read algorithms and references that the readers can use and adapt for their own setting. Chapters on Pre-hospital care will help guide EMS organizations and even systems in the right care and triage of the elderly. Each chapter also contains a Nursing Focus section for helpful nursing tips in caring for the elderly with those injuries and problems. These sections make this book a must-have for any center looking to improve its care of the elderly patient or just trying to be sure its care is already the best it can be.
A special section on Post Acute Care will introduce the provider to the common issues surrounding particular disposition destinations for the elderly patient. This will facilitate discussions with families, case managers and facilities to help improve time to disposition.

• Includes a special section on post acute careWritten by well-known thought leaders from the best trauma centers in the country
• Provides an essential source of practical information in treating the elderly trauma and emergency surgery patient