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1. Pathology of Bone Metastasis
2. Bone-Modifying Agents and Anticancer Agents with Bone Effects
3. Bone-Targeted Therapies in Adjuvant Setting
4. Estimating Survival in Patients with Skeletal Metastases Using PATHFx: An Adaptive, Validated, Clinical Decision Support Tool
5. How Expected Survival Influences the Choice of Surgical Procedure in Metastatic Bone Disease
6. The Role of Radiotherapy in Long Bone Metastases and Pelvis
7. The Role of Radiotherapy in Spinal Metastases
8. Management of Metastases to the Spine and Sacrum
9. Metastases to the Long Bones: Algorithm of Treatment
10. Metastases to the Pelvis: Algorithm of Treatment
11. Pathologic Versus Impending Fracture
12. Osteosynthesis in Metastatic Disease of Long Bones
13. Spinal Metastases: Diagnosis and Management
14. Megaprosthesis for Metastasis of the Lower Limb
15. Metastases to the Pelvis
16. Megaprosthesis in Metastases of the Shoulder
17. New Biomaterials in Instrumentation Systems
18. Infections After Surgery for MBD
19. Management of Fractures and Failures Around Tumor Implants
20. Stop, Think, Stage, Then Act
21. Common Pitfalls in the Management of Skeletal Metastases
22. Rehabilitation of Patients with Bone Metastatic Disease
23. Interventional Radiology, Thermoablation and Cryoablation
24. Electrochemotherapy
25. MR-Guided Focused Ultrasound Treatment
26. What Is New in Management of Bone Metastases
27. Treatment of Bone Metastases: Future Directions

This highly informative book provides a comprehensive, up-to-date and practical reference for daily clinical practice in the management of patients affected by bone metastases. Written by renowned orthopedic surgeons and leading doctors in the respective fields of expertise, it offers a transversal review of the current medical and surgical treatments to allow a real interdisciplinary approach to the oncologic patient according to the highest current standards.
The book illustrates all the fundamental medical treatments for metastatic bone diseases and provides an overview of pathology issues related to this condition. An entire section is devoted to main different methods of patients approach. It also provides guidance on all current surgical procedures and minimally invasive treatment techniques.
Using a common language and recognizing the different osteoncologic competences, this work allows surgeons, oncologists, radiologists, pathologists and physiatricians to update their expertise and broaden their understanding of how a real team approach can improve the management of these oncology patients.

• Thoroughly updated reference for the day-to-day management of patients with bones metastases
• Includes a full description of the integrated oncologic and orthopedic approach to treating patients with bone metastasis
• Describes the minimally invasive non-surgical therapies for the management of oncology patients

• Prof. Vincenzo Denaro has been Full Professor in orthopaedic surgery and Dean at the University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome, and is one of the leading spine surgeons in Italy. His training included Professor Boni in Pavia, Professor Roy-Camille at the Hopital Pitie Salpetriere in Paris, and Prof. Macnab in Toronto. Being one of the founder members of the Cervical Spine Research Society of Europe, he has been President of the Italian Spine Society. His main fields of interest include the management of patients affected by Spinal and Tumor diseases. He is co-author of the National Guidelines on the management of bone metastases of the Italian Orthopaedic Society (S.I.O.T.), and of the Italian Association of Medical Oncology (A.I.O.M). He is author of more than 300 papers and book chapters, and has edited two books.
• Dr. Alberto Di Martino is Assistant Professor in orthopaedics and trauma surgery at University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome. His main fields of interests include spine and tumor surgery, and basic research. He has a PhD in tissue regeneration in Orthopaedics, and in currently involved in the osteoncology unit at the University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome. His training include a Spine research fellowship at Thomas Jefferson University and the Rothman Institute of Philadelphia (USA), and is currently involved in the Spine and Oncology programs with Prof. Vincenzo Denaro at the University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome. He is the Editorial Coordinator of the Italian Orthopaedic Society Bone Metastasis Study Group of the Italian Orthopaedic Society (S.I.O.T.). He has authored more than 80 manuscripts, and is co-author of the National Guidelines on the management of bone metastases of the S.I.O.T., and of the Italian Association of Medical Oncology (A.I.O.M). He currently is board member of several leading journals in the fields of spine and orthopaedics.
• Dr. Andrea Piccioli is an orthopaedic surgeon skilled in musculoskeletal oncology, trained at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center of New York. He is the Secretary of Italian Society of Orthopedic and Traumatology (S.I.O.T.) and the Coordinator of the Working Group on Bone Metastasis of the Italian Society. He has been Orthopedic Oncologist Consultant in “Palazzo Baleani" Oncologic Unit of Policlinico Umberto I in Rome, and is currently member of the Scientific Committee of the “Istituto Superiore di Sanità”. He is the Director of the 3rd Office for Quality, Clinical Risk and Hospital Program, General Direction of Health Program, National Ministry of Health. He is the author of several scientific papers in the field of orthopaedic oncology and traumatology, and he is also responsible for the S.I.O.T. National Guidelines on Orthopaedic oncology. His main interests are on Musculoskeletal Oncology, and Public Health.