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List of contributors
1. The neurological assessment of the critically ill patient Abdo Barakat and Diana Greene-Chandos
2. Cerebral blood flow physiology and metabolism in neurocritical care Rajat Dhar and Michael Diringer
3. Cerebral edema and intracranial pressure in neurocritical care Shivani Ghosal and Kevin Sheth
4. Hypothermia in neurocritical care: physiology and applications Karina Woodling, Archana Hinduja and Michel T. Torbey
5. Analgesia, sedation, and paralysis Yousef Hannawi and Wendy C. Ziai
6. Airway management and mechanical ventilation in neurocritical care David B. Seder and Julian Bösel
7. Neuropharmacology in the neurocritical care unit Sarah M. Adriance
8. Intracranial monitoring in the neurocritical care unit Chad M. Miller
9. Electrophysiologic monitoring in the neurocritical care unit Anh T. Nguyen and Asma Zakaria
10. The role of transcranial doppler (TCD) as a monitoring tool in the neurocritical care Maher Saqqur, David Zygun and Andrew Demchuk
11. Ischemic stroke in neurocritical care Julian Bösel
12. Intracerebral hemorrhage in neurocritical care Xuemei Cai and Jonathan Rosand
13. Management of cerebral venous thrombosis in the neurocritical care unit Xiaoying Yao and Magdy Selim
14. Subarachnoid hemorrhage in neurocritical care Katja E. Wartenberg and Stephan A. Mayer
15. Status epilepticus in neurocritical care Fawaz Al-Mufti and Jan Classen
16. Neuromuscular disorders in the ICU Christopher L. Kramer, Edward M. Manno and Alejandro A. Rabinstein
17. Management of head trauma in the neurocritical care unit Peter Le Roux
18. Management of autoimmune encephalitis in neurocritical care Murat Sari, Diana Greene-Chandos and Michel T. Torbey
19. Management of cerebral salt wasting syndrome and syndrome of inappropriate antidiuresis in the neurocritical care unit Wendy Wright
20. Brain death in neurocritical care Mark M. Landreneau and David M. Greer
21. Neuroterrorism and drug overdose in neurocritical care John J. Lewin, III, Mohit Datta and Geoffrey S. F. Ling
22. Infections of the central nervous system in neurocritical care Mohamed Sharaby and Barnett R. Nathan
23. Management of the spinal cord injury in the neurocritical care unit epidemiology Kristine O'Phelan
24. Postoperative management in the neurosurgical critical care unit Ryan A. Grant, Andy J. Redmond and Veronica L. Chiang
25. Ethical considerations in the neuroscience intensive care unit Fred Rincon
26. Pulmonary consult: management of severe hypoxia in the neurocritical care unit Rafael A. Calderón Candelario, Matthew C. Exline and Naeem A. Ali
27. Management of refractory arrhythmias in the neurocritical care unit Mahmoud Houmsse
28. An infectious diseases consult in neurocritical care Michael Frank and Mary Beth Graham
29. A nephrology consult in neurocritical care Jason Prosek and Nabil Haddad
30. Management of hepatic encephalopathy in the neurocritical care unit Stephen M. Riordan and Roger Williams
31. Hypoxic encephalopathy in neurocritical care Maximilian Mulder and Romergryko G. Geocadin
32. Management of delirium in neurocritical care Diana Greene-Chandos and Michel T. Torbey
33. Generalized weakness in the intensive care unit Farrukh S. Chaudhry and Edward M. Manno
34. Management of severely brain-injured patients recovering from coma Caroline Schnakers and Martin M. Monti
35. Acute demyelinating disorders in neurocritical care Lauren Koffman and Joao A. Gomes
36. Building a case for a neurocritical care unit Panayiotis N. Varelas and Efstathios Papavassiliou
37. Neurointensive (NCCU) care business planning Sarah Widing and Noah Grose

A significant number of critically ill neurological and neurosurgical patients are still managed in the medical or surgical ICU by non-neurointensivists, who have a hard time appreciating the delicate needs of these patients. This dynamic guide reviews current topics facing neurocritical care providers in a straight-forward, structured, and practical way. Providing clear summaries in the management of neuro critical care conditions, this text allows for accessible, highly structured, and focused protocols for the assessment, day-to-day management, and treatment of critically ill patients in various ICU settings. This comprehensive, thorough guide to the management and treatment of neurologic and neurosurgical patients, is an excellent companion for trainees preparing for the Neurovascular Boards, Neurologists, Neurosurgeons and critical care physicians, alike. Designed by leaders in their field, this thorough guide presents practical, state-of-the-art suggestions for physicians, worldwide.

• A comprehensive guide for neurocritical care providers, requiring guidance in challenging day-to-day experiences
• Provides practical, easy-to-follow, structured, and focused protocols for the assessment, management, and treatment of neurocritically ill patients
• Tailored to the individual caregiver, with clear summaries in the management of neurocritical care conditions
• The content is easily accessible for practitioners, at any stage in their career

Michel T. Torbey, Ohio State University
Michel T. Torbey received his training in Neurocritical Care and Vascular Neurology at The Johns Hopkins University. Since then, he has led the Stroke Critical Care program at the Medical College of Wisconsin, became Associate Chief for the Neurosciences Signature program, and later appointed as the Neurosciences Signature Program Clinical Research Director. In 2011, Dr Torbey joined the Ohio State University as the Medical Director of the Neurovascular Center and Vice Chair for Hospital Affairs. He is currently the Chair of Neurology at University of New Mexico. He is involved in both basic and clinical research with a translational focus on neuroprotection in ischemic and traumatic brain injury. He also served as the President of the Neurocritical Care Society.