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Nutrición y Dietética
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1. Food Choices and Human Health.
2. Nutrition Tools: Standards and Guidelines.
3. The Remarkable Body.
4. The Carbohydrates: Sugar, Starch, Glycogen, and Fiber.
5. The Lipids: Fats, Oils, Phospholipids, and Sterols.
6. The Proteins and Amino Acids.
7. The Vitamins.
8. Water and Minerals.
9. Energy Balance and Healthy Body Weight.
10. Performance Nutrition.
11. Nutrition and Chronic Diseases.
12. Food Safety and Food Technology.
13. Life Cycle Nutrition: Mother and Infant.
14. Child, Teen, and Older Adult.
15. Hunger and the Future of Food.
Appendix A: Chemical Structures of Carbohydrates, Lipids, Amino Acids, and Peptides.
Appendix B: World Health Organization Nutrition Intake Guidelines.
Appendix C: Aids to Calculations.
Appendix D: Food Lists for Diabetes and Weight Management.
Appendix E: Eating Patterns to Meet the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.
Appendix F: Reference Notes.
Appendix G: Answers to Chapter Questions.
Appendix H: Physical Activity Levels and Energy Requirements.

Help students eat better and live healthier lives with NUTRITION: CONCEPTS AND CONTROVERSIES, 15th Edition. A market leader for nearly four decades, this text balances important scientific research and nutrition fundamentals with applications to real life and general well-being. Author Sizer and Whitney's conversational tone and their coverage of controversial topics engage students and help them sort through various fads, facts and misconceptions, empowering them to make good food choices. The MindTap interactive platform enables instructors to personalize their course with coordinating slides, multimedia and a full suite of learning activities.

New to this edition
• Modern Consequences: An all-new Consumer’s Guide feature explores the ways modern food processing affects vitamins, and a new Food Feature digs into the challenges that nutritionists and dietitians face when implementing food safety rules.
• NEW Tables: In a data-driven world, these data-saturated tables help readers turn good ideas into supported facts. New tables offer a sample 2000-calorie diet, anemia factors in female athletes, chronic disease risk factors and more.
• Measured References: Calculations, figures and examples give readers a clear recipe to follow for success. New figures demonstrate energy nutrient percentages compared with total energy, a sample 2,000-calorie vegetarian menu, the effect of folic acid fortification on neural tube defects, instructions for how to interpret a supplement label and summary figures of influences on obesity development.

• Controversial Topics: End-of-chapter Controversy essays encourage students to chew on hot topics, the newest scientific evidence and emerging issues in nutrition.
• Fit-and-Fab Features: To promote self-reflection and a healthy lifestyle, chapter-ending features such as Self Check tests, Consumer’s Guide quizzes, Controversy critical thinking questions and Think Fitness boxes draw vital connections between fitness and nutrition in the readings.
• Food Features: These special feature boxes help readers make solid food choices according to science, bridging nutrition theory and practice in the process.
• MindTap Support: This interactive learning platform makes students the masters of their own nutrition and learning with interactive ebook readings, Diet & Wellness Plus, pop-up tutors, activities and assessments--in the classroom, at home and even on the go!

• Frances Sizer, MS, RDN, FAND . Nutrition and Health Associates
Frances Sizer is a founder and vice president of Nutrition and Health Associates, a nonprofit education and resource center for nutrition and related research. A Fellow of the American Dietetic Association and Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Sizer is a leading author in the field of nutrition. Her titles include NUTRITION: CONCEPTS AND CONTROVERSIES; NUTRITION CLINICS; THE FITNESS TRIAD: MOTIVATION, TRAINING, AND NUTRITION; and one of the first interactive learning tools ono the market called NUTRITION INTERACTIVE CD-ROM. In addition to writing, Ms. Sizer volunteers with hunger and homeless relief groups in her community. She earned her BS and MS degrees from Florida State University.
• Ellie Whitney, PhD . Nutrition and Health Associates
Ellie Whitney has coauthored almost a dozen textbooks on nutrition, health, and related topics. Before retiring, Dr. Whitney taught at Florida State University and Florida A&M University, and spent three decades studying Florida and its ecology. Today, she devotes her time and passion to climate change issues and volunteers for the nonpartisan national nonprofit Citizens Climate Lobby. Dr. Whitney holds B.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Biology from Radcliffe and Washington Universities.