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1 The epidemiology of cancer in children and adolescents , Charles A. Stiller and Gemma Gatta
2 Imaging in paediatric oncology, Kieran McHugh and Thierry A.G.M. Huisman
3 Chemotherapy and other anti-cancer drugs: current knowledge and new perspectives, Michel Zwaan, Gareth J. Veal, and Lucas Moreno
4 Radiotherapy in paediatric oncology, Mark Gaze and Tom Boterberg
5 Clinical trials in childhood cancer , Maria Grazia Valsecchi, Stefania Galimberti, and Pamela Kearns
6 Evidence-based paediatric oncology, Leontien C. M. Kremer, Erik A.H. Loeffen, and Bob S. Phillips
7 Allogeneic stem cell transplantation in children and adolescents with malignancies, Adriana Balduzzi, Giovanna Lucchini, Jean-Hugues Dalle, and Rupert Handgretinger
8 Cancer Immunotherapy in Children, Koichi Hirabayashi, Gianpietro Dotti, and Barbara Savoldo
9 Supportive care during treatment, Marianne van de Wetering and Bob S. Phillips
10 Psychosocial care, Martha Grootenhuis, Momcilo Jankovic, Esther van den Bergh, and Femke Aarsen
11 Palliative Care for Children with Advanced Cancer , Michelle Koh, Finella Craig, and Joanne Wolfe
12 Cancer treatment in low- and middle-income countries, Elizabeth Molyneux, Trijn Israels, and Scott C. Howard
13 Cancer in Adolescents and Young Adults, Lucy J.W. Jones, Emmanouil Saloustros, Andrea Ferrari, and Dan Stark
14 Late effects of therapy and survivorship issues, Lars Hjorth, Riccardo Haupt, Gisela Michel, Maria Luisa Garrè, Leontien Kremerand, and Rod Skinner
15 Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Denis Schewe, Mignon Loh, Rob Pieters, and Martin Schrappe
16 Acute myeloid leukaemia, Gertjan Kaspers and Dirk Reinhardt
17 Myelodysplastic syndrome, myeloid leukaemia of Down syndrome, and juvenile myelomonocytic leukaemia, Henrik Hasle and Charlotte M. Niemeyer
18 Non-Hodgkin lymphomas in children and adolescents, Véronique Minard-Colin and Catherine Patte
19 Hodgkin lymphoma: modern management of children and young adults, Judith Landman-Parker and Françoise Montravers
20 Childhood histiocytoses, Maurizio Aricò, Cor van den Bos, and Sheila Weitzman
21 Symptoms and emergencies in children with brain and spinal tumors, Michel Zerah, David Walker, and Shaarna Whitton
22 Glial CNS tumours of childhood, Dannis van Vuurden, Darren Hargrave, Dominik Sturm, and David T.W. Jones
23 Embryonal tumours , Maura Massimino, Eric Bouffet, and Vijay Ramaswamy
24 Other CNS tumours of childhood , Cecile Faure Conter, Didier Frappaz, Kristian W. Pajtler, and Stefan M. Pfister
25 Soft tissue sarcomas, Hans Merks and Gianni Bisogno
26 Bone tumors, Stefan Bielack, Michael Paulussen, and Lee Helman
27 Wilms' and other renal tumours, Norbert Graf and Christophe Bergeron
28 Neuroblastoma, Angelika Eggert, Garrett Brodeur, and Gudrun Schleiermacher
29 Germ Cell Tumours , Gabriele Calaminus and James C. Nicholson
30 Childhood liver tumours, Giorgio Perilongo and Jozsef Zsiros
31 Retinoblastoma, Guillermo Chantada and Carlos Rodríguez-Galindo

The outcome for children with cancer has shown enormous improvement since the first edition of this book was published in 1975. In economically privileged countries, overall survival rates have now reached 80% at five years from diagnosis, and most of these young people will become long term survivors. The Oxford Textbook of Cancer in Children offers state-of-the-art descriptions of the approach needed for the optimal management of children with cancer, and guidance on current treatments available due to the advances made over the past decade.
This seventh edition has been thoroughly revised and updated, including brand new chapters on cancer immunotherapy in children, and cancer in adolescents and young adults, plus expanded treatment of tumours of the brain and central nervous system. The book primarily provides clear and up-to-date clinical guidance for use in treatment settings whilst offering a useful background to the biology of individual tumour types and the history of the development of specific treatments.
With an international and multi-disciplined authorship comprising of paediatric oncologists, surgeons, radiotherapists, imaging specialists, psychologists, nurses, and many others, the text illustrates how the paediatric oncology community works globally and collaboratively in order to drive forward new therapies, build our knowledge of these diseases, and achieve the common aim of curing childhood cancer. In this new edition, Professors Biondi and Caron have been joined by Professor François Doz, who has a distinguished international reputation, particularly in the treatment of childhood brain tumours and retinoblastoma, as well as early drug development. They have also been joined by Professor Tom Boterberg, a world renowned radio-oncologist for children with cancer.
This book will be of value to paediatric oncologists, trainee paediatric oncologists, paediatric haematologists, and other professionals working in paediatric oncology: nurses, AHPs, surgeons, and clinical oncologists.

• Provides clear and up-to-date clinical guidance on the optimal management of children with cancer, with coverage of the most current treatments and advances made over the past decade
• Offers practical clinical direction to be used in a treatment setting, plus relevant biological and historical background
• Features work from current leaders in their fields and broad international involvement with authors from 14 countries
• Takes a multidisciplinary approach, with input from paediatric oncologists, surgeons, radiotherapists, imaging specialists, psychologists, nurses, and others
• Further reading in each chapter provides a guide to the key publications in each topic
• Manageable size and content that can be used by trainee paediatric oncologists as well as nurses and allied health professionals

New to this Edition:
• New chapters on cancer immunotherapy in children and cancer in adolescents and young adults
• Previous chapter 'Tumours of the central nervous system' expanded into four separate chapters: Symptoms and emergencies in children with brain and spinal tumours, Glial CNS tumours, Embryonal tumours, and Other CNS tumours of childhood
• 20 more contributors brought on board, expanding the subject expertise and global perspectives
• Two new distinguished editors brought on board: Professor François Doz and Professor Tom Boterberg