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Case 1 Emma, a 16-month-old Girl With Vomiting and Diarrhea
Case 2 Anita, a 4-month-old Girl With Respiratory Distress
Case 3 Baby Girl Smith, a Newborn With Respiratory Distress
Case 4 Parker, a 3-year-old Boy With Difficulty Breathing
Case 5 John, a 4-day-old Boy With Hyperbilirubinemia
Case 6 Isaiah, an 8-year-old Boy With Shortness of Breath
Case 7 Rose, a 3-week-old Girl With Fever
Case 8 Austin, an 8-month-old Boy With Fever and Vomiting
Case 9 Holly, a 5-year-old Girl With Fever, Vomiting, and Thigh Swelling
Case 10 Ilyas, a 6-year-old Boy With Acute Abdominal Pain
Case 11 Judah, a 2-year-old Boy With Buttock Pain and Redness
Case 12 Maryam, a 4-year-old Girl With Fever and Cough
Case 13 Freddy, a 9-week-old Boy With an Episode of Decreased Responsiveness
Case 14 Brian, a 2-year-old Boy With Fussiness and Fever
Case 15 Liam, a 6-week-old Infant With Poor Weight Gain
Case 16 Simon, a 15-month-old Boy With Abnormal Movements and Fever
Case 17 Polly, a 16-year-old Girl With Fever, Abdominal Pain, and Vomiting
Case 18 Payton, a 14-year-old Boy With Throat Pain and Fever
Case 19 Ida, a 15-month-old Girl With Pallor and Fatigue
Case 20 Jenny, a 14-year-old Girl With a Severe Headache
Case 21 Katelyn, a 4-year-old Girl With Fever and Neck Swelling
Case 22 Taj, a 12-year-old Boy With Hyperglycemia
Case 23 Finn, a 2-year-old Boy With Fever and Leg Pain
Case 24 Aubree, a 15-year-old Girl With Recurrent Abdominal Pain
Case 25 Andy, a 9-year-old Boy With Respiratory Distress and Vomiting
Case 26 Janice, an 11-year-old Girl With Prolonged Menses
Case 27 Amaia, a 16-year-old Girl With Hematemesis
Case 28 Chandler, a 7-year-old Boy With Eye Swelling
Case 29 Philip, a 7-year-old Boy With Intermittent Abdominal Pain
Case 30 Alex, a 9-year-old Boy With Edema and Hematuria
Case 31 Ella, an 8-year-old Girl With 2 Weeks of Fever
Case 32 Maria, a 15-year-old Girl With Lower Extremity Weakness
Case 33 Juan, a 16-year-old Boy With Shoulder Pain
Case 34 Bernard, a 15-year-old Boy With Abdominal Pain and Diarrhea
Case 35 Ricky, a 3-year-old Boy With Shaking
Case 36 Alberto, a 7-year-old Boy With Edema
Case 37 Reese, a 12-year-old Girl With Weight Loss
Case 38 Lily, a 6-month-old Girl With Fever and Lethargy
Case 39 Isla, a 15-month-old Girl With Fever and Rash
Case 40 Rena, a 14-year-old Girl With Abdominal Pain and Vomiting
Case 41 Malik, a 24-month-old Boy With Pneumonia and Persistent Fever
Case 42 Flora, an 8-year-old Girl With Worsening Epigastric Pain and Emesis
Case 43 Scott, a 3-year-old Boy With Bloody Diarrhea and Decreased Urination
Case 44 Lucy, a 16-year-old Girl With Altered Mental Status
Case 45 Sam, a 10-month-old Boy With Hypoglycemia
Case 46 Makayla, a 16-year-old Girl With Fever and Blurry Vision
Case 47 Olive, a 4-month-old Girl With Lethargy and Hyponatremia
Case 48 Aria, a 16-year-old Girl With Headache and Confusion
Case 49 TomÁs, a 17-month-old Boy With Worsening Respiratory Status
Case 50 Anna, an 11-year-old Girl With Medical Complexity, Fever, Increased Secretions, and Increased Seizure Frequency

This educational guide provides a much-needed subspeciality-specific learning resource for pediatric hospital medicine. Featuring 50 of the most commonly presenting topics encountered by pediatric hospitalists, this book brings readers into the morning meeting and walks them through patient presentation, diagnosis, treatment, and resolution, providing realistic examples in an engaging case-based format.
This book is designed to supplement the educational experience of trainees during their inpatient pediatrics rotation, and its versatility allows it to be used as an educational guide to lead learning sessions or as an individual resource or study guide.
Each chapter dives into an individual case that is titled with a fictitious patient name, often related to the case topic, which provides a helpful memory tool for learners. Each case includes a Documentation Tips section, designed to ensure accurate and clear communication across the interdisciplinary team that cares for hospitalized children, as well as Clinical Pearls summarizing the main chapter take-aways.
Back to Basics boxes are included in cases as needed, to serve as a refresher of examination techniques, laboratory test result analysis, or other foundational information related to the cases.
In addition, Health Equity Focus boxes related to social determinants of health are featured throughout the book to help clinicians recognize and address potential inequities in care.

• Melissa Cossey, MD, FAAP is a proud Austinite and mom to Elliot and Emily. She is a pediatric hospitalist at Dell Children’s Medical Center and serves as the associate chief medical officer of the Dell Children’s North Campus. Dr Cossey is an assistant professor of pediatrics at The University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School, has completed a fellowship in medical education, and is the educational director of the pediatric, transitional year, family medicine, and psychiatry residents’ pediatric hospital medicine rotations. While practicing and teaching at University of Texas Southwestern, Dr Cossey identified the need for a defined pediatric hospital medicine residency curriculum and began her work of building a library of relevant pediatric hospital medicine articles from which she would instruct the residents and students. Upon joining as faculty in Austin, she discovered that the same educational need was present, and her role in curriculum development was expanded and formalized. Recently, she and Dr Gambill have designed and implemented a rotation that prepares 4th year medical students for their upcoming pediatric residency. Dr Cossey has led many hospital-based quality improvement initiatives, enjoys creating patient educational materials, and was recently honored as a Dell Medical School “Patient Safety Teaching Champion.”
• Lauren Gambill, MD, MPA, FAAP spends her time caring for hospitalized kids, fighting for health equity through better policy, writing, and parenting two incredible humans, Nylah and Idrees. She is a pediatric hospitalist at Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas and an assistant professor at The University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School Department of Pediatrics. She attended medical school at The University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, completed pediatrics residency at The University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School, and obtained her Master of Public Affairs at the University of California Berkeley Goldman School of Public Policy. She is the associate program director for The University of Texas Dell Medical School pediatric hospital medicine fellowship and leads advocacy education for the Department of Pediatrics. She is passionate about advocacy, policy, and equity in healthcare. She also loves writing and narrative medicine.