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Chapter 1. Clinical Assessment of Infants and Children by Jessica H. Goldstein and Nancy E. Bass
Chapter 2. Pediatric Neuro-ophthalmological Disorders by Lauren C. Ditta and Jane C. Edmond
Chapter 3. Cognitive Dysfunction by Patricia Evans
Chapter 4. Ataxia by Nigel S. Bamford and Kathleen Cardinale
Chapter 5. Headaches in Children by William Qutby and Irene Patniyot
Chapter 6. Pediatric Epilepsy by Jillian L. Rosengard, Jorge Vidaurre, Juan G. Ochoa, Sunita Dergalust, and Solomon L. Moshe
Chapter 7. Other Non-Epileptic Childhood Paroxysmal Disorders by Francis J. DiMario Jr.
Chapter 8. Neonatal Disorders by Laurel Slaughter, Darrah Haffner, and Margie Ream
Chapter 9. Tumors of the Nervous System by Elizabeth S. Duke, Elizabeth Wells, Gilbert Vezina, and Roger J. Packer
Chapter 10. Cerebrovascular Disorders by E. Steve Roach and Collin T. Swafford
Chapter 11. Neuroimmunologic Disorders of the Central Nervous System by J. Nicholas Brenton
Chapter 12. Infections of the Nervous System by Louisa Keith, David Bearden, and Hanalise V. Huff
Chapter 13. Pediatric Movement Disorders by Harvey S. Singer
Chapter 14. Muscle Diseases by Carla D. Zingariello and Peter B. Kang
Chapter 15. Peripheral Nerve Diseases by Alexander Fay and Jonathan Strober
Chapter 16. Genetic Disorders by Kristina Julich and Mustafa Sahin
Chapter 17. Behavioral and Emotional Disorders by David W. Dunn
Chapter 18. Spinal Cord Disorders by Jay D. Desai, Kiarash Sadrieh, and Nusrat Ahsan
Chapter 19. Brain Trauma by Sean C. Rose
Chapter 20. Cerebral Palsy by Ann Tilton and Jessica Gautreaux
Chapter 21. Sleep Disorders by Suresh Kotagal
Chapter 22. Neurological Manifestations of Systemic Disease by Tyler Allison and Jean-Baptiste Le Pichon

Comprehensive and accessible, Pediatric Neurology is the first reference designed for trainees and nonspecialists in search of targeted information on the diagnosis and management of neurologic conditions in children. Providing a broad window on the primary disorders seen in childhood, this book interweaves the expertise of field leaders from top national institutions to concisely distill the foundations of clinical pediatric neurology. Complete with up-to-date disease guidelines and evidence-based treatment recommendations, this book serves as a starting point for physicians and other health professionals who wish to delve into fundamentals of current pediatric neurology practice.
Beginning with an overview of the clinical assessment of infants and children, the book features dedicated chapters to all major disorders and conditions likely to be encountered in the pediatric population. Chapters include current information on epidemiology, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, and approaches to management for each condition in addition to tables summarizing key takeaways and detailed illustrations. Using plain language and a clear presentation of information throughout, the book is packed with the clinical wisdom needed for tackling such a complex field. With special emphasis on essential patient care concepts, Pediatric Neurology is the trusted resource for residents, general neurologists, pediatricians, medical students, and other practitioners who care for children and adolescents with neurological disease.

Key Features:
• Introduces the foundations of clinical pediatric neurology
• Multi-purpose resource for point-of-care use, clinical rotations, or board preparation
• Organized by disease category to enhance accessibility and retrieval of key information
• Features chapters written by leading educators and clinicians in the field
• Incorporates up-to-date disease guidelines, latest FDA-approved drugs, and evidence-based treatment recommendations
• Purchase includes digital access for use on most mobile devices or computers