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• History of Specialist Training in Respiratory Diseases
• Development of the Respiratory System
• Physiological Basis of the Respiratory System
• Clinical History and Physical Examination of the Respiratory System
• Physiological Evolution of Sleep
• Immunological Defense Mechanisms of the Respiratory System
• New Frontiers in Research on the Respiratory System
• Evaluation of Pulmonary Function in Infants and Preschool Children
• Assessment of Pulmonary Function in Schoolchildren and Adolescents
• Assessment of Respiratory Muscular Function in Patients with Neuromuscular Diseases
• Study of Images in Respiratory Diseases
• Assessing Arterial Oxygen Saturation
• Assessment of Sleep in Newborns to Adolescents
• Study of Infectious Agents in Respiratory Diseases
• Assessment of the Airway with Flexible Endoscopy
• Assessment of the Airway with Rigid Endoscopy
• Children with Respiratory Failure
• Children with Persistent Cough
• Infants with Persistent Tachypnea
• Children with Persistent Stridor
• Children with Snoring
• Children with Recurrent Wheezing
• Hemoptysis in Children
• Infants with an Apparent Life-Threatening Event
• Immunosuppressed Children with Lung Infection
• Respiratory Complications in Children with Neurological Diseases
• A Children with an Airway Foreign Body
• Epidemiology of Respiratory Infections
• Laryngitis (Croup)
• Bronchiolitis
• Community-Acquired Pneumonia
• Atypical Pneumonia
• Complicated Pneumonia
• Pneumonia Caused by Emerging Viral Agents
• Pulmonary Tuberculosis
• Respiratory Diseases in the Newborn
• Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia
• Allergic Diseases, from the Infant to the Adolescent
• Latin America Asthma Epidemiology and Related Risk Factors
• Evaluation of Asthma Risk in Infants and Preschoolers
• Asthma: Clinical and Diagnosis Approach
• Asthma: Treatment
• Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia
• Cystic Fibrosis: Clinical and Diagnosis Approach
• Cystic Fibrosis: Treatment
• Pulmonary Aspergillosis
• Post-Infectious Bronchiolitis Obliterans
• Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome in Children
• Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
• Primary Immunodeficiencies and Immune Diseases
• Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
• Sickle Cell Disease
• Congenital Malformations of the Airway
• Congenital Lung Malformations
• Gastroesophageal Reflux and Respiratory Diseases
• Pneumothorax and Thoracic Trauma
• Nutrition in Chronic Respiratory Disease
• Diseases Caused by Pollutants and Tobacco Exposure
• Nursing Care Education in Chronic Respiratory Diseases
• Evidence-Based Medicine for Respiratory Diseases
• Inhalation Therapy
• Pulmonary Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Macrolides
• Chest Physiotherapy
• Pulmonary Rehabilitation in Children with Chronic Respiratory Diseases
• Prolonged Hospitalization Due to Chronic Respiratory Diseases
• Oxygen Therapy
• Acute Mechanical Ventilation
• Chronic Invasive Ventilation
• Long-Term Non-invasive Ventilation
• Tracheotomy
• Airway Surgery and Endoscopic Procedures
• Lung, Chest Cavity, and Dorsal Spine Surgery
• Extracorporeal Circulation Membrane Oxygenation Therapy for Acute Respiratory Diseases
• Pediatric Lung Transplantation

This is a comprehensive and authoritative textbook on pediatric pulmonology. Edited by Pablo Bertrand and Ignacio Sánchez, renowned academics and pediatricians from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, it encompasses five sections and 74 chapters, presenting and discussing the most important topics related to pediatric respiratory diseases. Written and presented in a simple and didactic format, it intends to ease learning and settlement of doubts in pediatric respiratory diseases. The reader is naturally introduced into the physiology, diagnosis, syndromes, diseases and the treatment associated with the respiratory pathologies affecting children. The chapters include algorithms for the treatment of various syndromes and updated treatment proposals grounded in evidence-based medicine for more than 50 pulmonary diseases. Pediatric Respiratory Diseases – A Comprehensive Textbook is an essential reference for the proper clinical approach to respiratory diseases in children. It is intended for all interns, residents and fellows with interest in pediatric pulmonary medicine, as well as practicing physicians, general practitioners, pediatricians and pulmonologists who face pediatric respiratory disorders in daily clinical practice.

• A comprehensive reference work on pediatric pulmonology
• Contains 74 chapters, divided into five sections (Physiology, Clinics, Syndromes, Diseases and Therapy)
• Contains algorithms to assist in diagnosis and treatment of pediatric respiratory disorders
• Written by experts in different fields of pediatric pulmonology from the Americas and Europe

• Pablo Bertrand graduated as a Physician in 1992 and as a Pediatrician in 1994 at the Universidad Católica de Chile and performed a Pediatric Pulmonology Fellowship in University of Miami (USA) in 2000. He has been working in clinical and academic duties since then, becoming Chief of the Pediatric Respiratory Diseases Unit and Director of the Pediatric Pulmonology Fellowship. He has done research in RSV bronchiolitis and cytokine production, as well as asthma. He was President of the Chilean Pediatric Pulmonology Society 2006-2009 and has organized several courses and congresses in Chile.
• Ignacio Sanchez graduated as a Physician in 1986 and as a Pediatrician in 1989 at the Universidad Católica de Chile and performed a Pediatric Pulmonology Fellowship at the University of Manitoba (Canada) in 1991. He has been working in clinical and academic duties since then, becoming Chief of the Pediatric Department, Director of the School of Medicine, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and in 2010 was appointed President of the University. He has done research in respiratory sounds and bronchiolitis.

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