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Chapter 1. Toward an Erotics of Truth: Commentary on Session I; Derek Hook
Chapter 2. “Set and Characters” & “The Metaphor of Love: Phaedrus”: Commentary on Sessions II & III; Dan Mills
Chapter 3. “The Psychology of the Rich: Pausanias”: Commentary on Session IV; Stephanie Swales
Chapter 4. “Medical Harmony: Eryximachus”: Commentary on Session V; Calum Neill
Chapter 5. First as Comedy, Then as Tragicomedy: Castration, Atopia and Ab-Sex Sense: Commentary on Sessions VI and VII; Anthony Ballas
Chapter 6. Hypothesising Love: Lacan and Plato’s Symposium: Commentary on Session VII; Cindy Zeiher
Chapter 7. “From Episteme to Mythous”: Commentary on Session VIII; Owen Hewitson
Chapter 8. The Question of the Meaning of Ágalma: Between Hermeneutics, Topology and Unconcealment: Commentary on Sessions IX & X; Hue Woodson
Chapter 9. “Ágalma”: Commentary on Session X; Ed Pluth
Chapter 10. Between Socrates and Alcibiades: Commentary on Session XI; Zack Tavlin
Chapter 11. Socrates as an Analyst: A reading of “Transference in the Present” Commentary on Session XII; Frederic Baitinger
Chapter 12. “A Critique of Countertransference”: Commentary on Session XIII; Miguel Rivera
Chapter 13. In the Name of Desire: A Reading of Lacan’s “Demand and Desire in the Oral and Anal Stage”: Commentary on Session XIV; Fred Baitinger
Chapter 14. “Oral, Anal, and Genital”: Commentary on Session XV; Jonathan Dickstein
Chapter 15. Killing the Soul with Zucchi's Painting: Commentary on Session XVI; Joseph R. Shafer
Chapter 16. The Art of Questioning 'Real Presence': Commentary on Session XVII; Joseph R. Shafer
Chapter 17. “Real Presence”: Commentary on Session XVIII; Stephanie Swales
Chapter 18. The Claudel Sessions: Commentary on Sessions XIX-XXII; Ed Pluth
Chapter 19. Paradoxes of transference and the place of the psychoanalyst: Commentary on Session XXIII; Rodrigo Gonsalves
Chapter 20. Beyond the Mirror: Commentary on Session XXIV; Jelica Sumic Riha
Chapter 21. Mind the Gap: Commentary on Session XXV; Gautam Basu Thakur
Chapter 22. The Movement Of The Pendulum and the Spiral Turn: An Analysis of Lacan’s XXVI Lessons from Seminar VIII: Commentary on Session XXVI; Ivan Estevao
Chapter 23. The Transmission of an End – “Mourning the Loss of the Analyst” Commentary on Session XXVII; Cindy Zeiher.

This book provides 18 lively commentaries on Lacan’s Seminar VIII, Transference (1960-61) that explore its theoretical and philosophical consequences in the clinic, the classroom, and society. Including contributions from clinicians as well as scholars working in philosophy, literature, and culture studies, the commentaries presented here represent a wide-range of disciplinary perspectives on the concept of transference. Some chapters closely follow the structure of the seminar’s sessions, while others take up thematic concerns or related sessions such as the commentary on sessions 19 to 22 which deal with Lacan’s discussion of Claudel’s Coûfontaine trilogy.
This book is not a compendium to Lacan’s seminar. Instead it attempts to capture through shorter contributions a spectrum of voices debating, deliberating, and learning with Lacan’s concept. In doing so it can be seen to engage with transference conceptually in a manner that matches the spirit of Lacan’s seminar itself.
The book will provide an invaluable new resource for Lacan scholars working across the fields of psychoanalytic theory, clinical psychology, philosophy and cultural studies.

• Presents innovative conceptual engagements with material on transference newly available to an Anglophone audience
• Examines at a granular pace, the individual chapters of Lacan’s text, treating one or two at a time
• Offers an essential companion text to Lacan’s Seminar VIII for both first-time readers and advanced scholars
• Provides fresh insights on transference that will be of interest to both clinicians and theorists working in the fields of psychoanalysis, film, literature and culture