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• Part I. Studying Sports in Society
Chapter 1. Sport and How We Study It
Chapter 2. Impact of Sport Participants and Sport Spectators
Chapter 3. Impact of Sport Business, Management, and Media
• Part II. Sport as an Institution
Chapter 4. Youth Sport and Development Through Sport
Chapter 5. Coaching and Leadership in Sport
Chapter 6. Interscholastic and Intercollegiate Sport
Chapter 7. International Sport and the Modern Olympic Games
• Part III. Sport, Society, and Culture
Chapter 8. Sporting Behavior, Ethics, and Moral Behavior
Chapter 9. Race, Ethnicity, and Sport
Chapter 10. Gender and Sport
Chapter 11. Social Class and Sport
Chapter 12. Special Populations and Sport
Chapter 13. Religion and Sport
Chapter 14. Government, Politics, and Sport
Chapter 15. Deviance, Doping, and Violence in Sport
Chapter 16. Future Trends in Sport

Social Issues in Sport, Fourth Edition With HKPropel Access, introduces students to the study of sport as a social phenomenon. It explores current trends in sport and examines complex connections between sport and politics, economics, religion, race, gender, youth, and more. Author Ronald Woods draws on his experience of more than 40 years as a professor, coach, and sport administrator to explore modern sport from historical and cultural perspectives. New coauthor B. Nalani Butler offers a fresh perspective to the study of sport from an emerging generation of Black female scholars. She draws on her background as an athlete and professor, and leverages her international experience from working with the Center for Sport, Peace and Society and the International Olympic Academy (IOA). The text’s presentation style, full-color design, and ample learning tools are designed to keep students engaged.

Social Issues in Sport, Fourth Edition, addresses the Common Professional Component topics outlined by the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA). The text remains grounded in practical application and provides opportunities for students to examine real-world issues through the lens of social theory. The fourth edition also features the following enhancements:

• Online learning tools delivered through HKPropel: case studies on current events, video lectures, and essay and multiple-choice questions to support applied learning and encourage critical thinking
• Increased emphasis on emerging issues such as sport wagering, the use of social protest by athletes, sexual harassment of or by athletes, and sport safety
• Discussions on the rise in popularity of esports and on the exploding influence of social media on athletes, spectators, and fans
• Updated sidebars that address current topics such as the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on sport, offering a contemporary context to which students can apply the concepts in the text

Social Issues in Sport, Fourth Edition, is streamlined into three parts, maintaining an accessible and student-friendly format that aligns with a 16-week semester. Part I sets the stage for studying sport from a sociological perspective by defining key terms and presenting crucial social theories. This section examines participation in sport, from spectators to performers, and explores sport economics through sport management, sport marketing, and sport media. Part II discusses sport institutions at all levels, from youth sport to Olympic competition. Part III is devoted to current issues and critically analyzes the effects of gender, race, economic status, religion, and government on sport. It also offers a detailed look at both ethics and deviance in sport.

Social Issues in Sport, Fourth Edition, provides the foundations for critically examining the multifaceted roles of sport and physical activity in society. The information and activities offered by the text invite students to evaluate the sociocultural issues intertwined with sport and relate these themes to their own lives. Through this in-depth examination of sociocultural issues, students will be able to understand and appreciate the development of sport as a part and reflection of our society.

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