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This first of its kind richly illustrated book provides a tabular and schematic representation of all the peripheral nerves in the human body using a standardized landmark-based algorithm for the definition of the nerve’s “Point of optimal visibility (POV)”. In this atlas the nerves of the human body are depicted with high-frequent ultrasound probes with frequencies up to 24 MHz: it presents not only the “known” large nerves (N. ischiadicus, N. femoralis, N. medianus etc.), but also the tiny nerves you have learned in your anatomy sessions but forgotten in the course of time! Based on clear illustrations using palpaple/visible external and easily accessible internal landmarks, it offers “nerve sonographers” a clear sonoanatomic guidance on how to easily find the nerve. Additionally, it describes the exact positioning of the probe so that each nerve can be found at its point of optimal visibility.
These mental maps for nerve sonographeurs are intended not only for beginners but also for “advanced” specialists requiring instructions on how to easily find even tiny peripheral nerves: especially for neurologists, anaesthesiologists, radiologists, pain practionioners, rheumatologists and surgeons who seek a clear standardized step by step manual on “Where do I find a nerve the easiest?”

• A sonoanatomic atlas of the complete peripheral nervous system (even tiny cutaneous branches)
• Step by step instruction how to find each nerve
• A simple to use algorithm (external landmarks - initial placement of probe - internal landmarks - point of optimal visibility of the nerve)
• Use of last generation high-frequency probes with frequencies up to 24 MHz

• Hannes Gruber is associate Professor of Radiology, Specialist of musculoskeletal Radiology and - as Head of the Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Sonography at the Department of Radiology of the Medical University of Innsbruck - one of the of the pioneers of (diagnostic) nerve sonography. Hannes Gruber as author, co-author, editor and co-editor of an extensive number of relevant articles, book-chapters and books is also member of the Österreichische Röntgengesellschaft (ÖRG) and Head of the Austrian Society of Ultrasound in Medicine (ÖGUM) nerve-sonography working committee. He is also certificate holder of the Austrian Society of Ultrasound in Medicine (ÖGUM)/ EFSUMB (European of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology) for nerve sonography (level III course instructor), musculoskeletal sonography (level III course instructor) and abdominal sonography (level III course instructor) and management board member of the Austrian Society of Ultrasound in Medicine (ÖGUM). Hannes Gruber also holds the certificate of the Austrian Society of Interventional Radiology (ÖGIR - level II) for Interventional Radiology and Sonography.
• Alexander Loizides is associate professor of Radiology, Deputy Head of the Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Sonography, at the Medical University of Innsbruck’s Department of Radiology, where he completed his specialization with focus on musculoskeletal and interventional sonography (Habilitation thesis on peripheral nerve sonography). Dr. Loizides is author and co-author of numerous articles published in international journals as well as a number of books and is editor of the booklet “Nerve Sonogaphy” published in 2018. He acts as a reviewer for several scientific journals, is member of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), the Österreichische Röntgengesellschaft (ÖRG) and Head of the musculoskeletal working committee of the Austrian Society of Ultrasound in Medicine (ÖGUM). His passion for ultrasound and his focus on nerve sonography and ultrasound guided interventions made him a founding member of the "DISI - Verein zur Förderung sonographischer Wissensgewinnung". Together with his colleagues, Dr. Loizides is organizing workshops and giving lectures on international congresses (ECR, RSNA, ESSR, etc.) to improve the quality of ultrasound-guided treatments and move the boundaries to new diagnostic fields.
• Bernhard Moriggl is Professor of Anatomy and Fellow of the International Academy of Clinical Anatomists (FIACA). He started his University career in 1986 and has done Ultrasonography (US) ever since. His first specialisation in this field was musculoskeletal US (Habilitation thesis on shoulder sonography). He serves as Mentor and senior author for many of his US-scholars. Bernhard Moriggl’s Clinical Training led to Engagement in RA and Pain, thus being involved with nerve sonography from 1994. In 2008 he became Founding Father of the SIG US in Pain Medicine (ASRA). Bernhard Moriggl is Contributor of the Practical Guide RA, the pocket-book RA: Principals and Practical Implementation, both editions of the Atlas of Ultrasound-Guided Procedures in Interventional Pain Management and Co-editor of the iBook Anatomy and Sono-anatomy of US-guided Pain interventions and many others. In July 2018, the booklet “Nerve Sonography” was released (Editor)! Over 80 original papers were authored by him. Bernhard Moriggl has plenty of international cooperation, both scientifically and educationally speaking. He acted in co-development, support and as inaugural examiner of the World Academy of Pain Medicine Ultrasonography (WAPMU) and was first Chair of its Scientific Committee).