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1 Fall with gradual drowsiness
2 Dizziness with syncope and fall
3 Fall and altered mental status
4 Unresponsive after MVC
5 Unresponsive after gunshot wound to head
6 Neck pain after syncopal fall
7 Neck Pain after Trauma
8 Back pain after work accident
9 Left arm and neck pain after car accident
10 Back pain after low-impact trauma
11 Vomiting and neck pain after motor vehicle accident
12 Headache, nausea, and speech difficulty
13 Episodes of foul smell and bad taste
14 Headache and right arm weakness
15 New onset seizure with prior history of melanoma
16 Altered mental status with brain lesions
17 Incidental sellar mass after an accident
18 Sudden headache and vision loss
19 Headache, blurry vision, and intraventricular mass
20 Progressive neurocognitive decline
21 Unresponsive patient
22 Severe headache
23 Altered mental status
24 Patient found down
25 Acute aphasia and right sided weakness
26 Headache
27 Worst headache of life
28 Headaches and vomiting
29 Persistent altered mental status
30 Seizure
31 Right eye swelling and pain
32 Acute onset left hemiparesis
33 Acute loss of consciousness
34 Lower back and right leg pain
35 Neck pain and left arm weakness
36 Left neck and shoulder pain
37 Leg weakness and numbness
38 Leg pain, weakness, and saddle anesthesia
39 Right leg pain and weakness with prior lumbar fusion
40 Arm and leg weakness and numbness after MVC
41 Worsening back pain and leg weakness
42 Acute inability to walk
43 Subacute leg pain, numbness, and weakness
44 Sudden bilateral lower extremity weakness with hemodynamic instability
45 Right leg numbness and foot drop
46 Worsening back and leg pain
47 Prematurity and abnormal head imaging
48 Newborn with a lumbar spinal defect
49 Pediatric patient with headache and vomiting
50 Worsening leg weakness with a mediastinal mass
51 Pediatric depressed skull fracture
52 Loss of consciousness after bike accident
53 Right sided jerking and decreased appetite
54 Numbness and weakness after head collision
55 Worsening leg pain and weakness
56 Persistent headaches
57 Fever and forehead swelling
58 Gait difficulty and falls
59 Emesis and lethargy in a shunted patient
60 Nausea and lethargy in a shunted patient
61 Worsening vision in pseudotumor cerebri
62 Headache, confusion, and chronic rhinorrhea
63 Falls, memory loss, and fevers
64 Abdominal pain and fevers in a shunted patient
65 Increased spasticity and beeping baclofen pump
66 Baclofen pump infection due to wound breakdown
67 Abnormal eye movement
68 Right facial pain
69 Right arm swelling after surgery
70 Postoperative lethargy and left sided weakness after craniotomy
71 Postoperative leg weakness, numbness, and urinary incontinence
72 Drainage from cranial incision
73 Incisional swelling and drainage after spine surgery
74 Leakage from spinal incision with headaches
75 Hemiparesis with a previously treated arteriovenous malformation
76 Change in exam after brain tumor biopsy
77 Shunt Tap and Shunt Change
78 Intracranial Pressure Monitor
79 External ventricular drain
80 Lumbar Puncture and Lumbar Drain Placement

Written by neurosurgery residents for neurosurgery residents, The Neurosurgical Consult Book focuses on the initial care and treatment of the neurosurgical consult patient, providing the key guidance you need when quick clinical management decisions are critical. You’ll learn to recognize the acuity of patient presentation and determine how to immediately triage the needs of the patient at an appropriate level of care. This portable, practical guide helps you quickly steer neurosurgical patients to medical stability and safety until a definitive clinical management plan is determined.