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Peter Piot
1. Global Health Politics: An Introduction
Colin McInnes, Kelley Lee, and Jeremy Youde
• Part I: From International to Global Health
2. The History of International Health: Medicine, Politics, and Two Socio-Medical Perspectives, 1851 to 2000
Marcos Cueto
3. Globalization and the Politics of Global Health
Matthew Sparke
4. The Politics of Global Health Inequalities: Approaches to Studying the Role of Power
Yusra Ribhi Shawar and Jennifer Prah Ruger
5. Critical Approaches to Global Health
Alan Ingram
• Part II: Global Health and the Wider Policy Agenda
6. Global Health Diplomacy
Akram Khazatzadeh-Mahani, Arne Ruckert, and Ronald Labonte
7. Security and Health
Simon Rushton
8. Global Health and Human Security
Robert L. Ostergard, Jr. and Jeffrey A. Griffin
9. Critical Security Studies and Global Health
João Nunes
10. Biosecurity and the Risk to Global Health
Christian Enemark
11. Military Assistance during Health Emergencies
Adam Kamradt-Scott and Frank Smith
12. Global Health and International Development
Andrew Harmer and Jonathan Kennedy
13. The Politics of Gender and Global Health
Sarah Hawkes and Kent Buse
• Part III: Global Health Governance
14. Global Health Governance
Colin McInnes
15. The State and Global Health
Ted Schrecker
16. Emerging Powers and Global Health Governance: The Case of BRICS Countries
Yanzhong Huang
17. The Politics of Global Health Agenda Setting
Stephanie L. Smith and Jeremy Shiffman
18. The Politics of Intergovernmental Organizations in Global Health
Tine Hanrieder
19. Civil Society and Global Health
David McCoy and Joseph Gafton
20. The Role of the Business Sector in Global Health Politics
Kelley Lee and Julia Smith
21. Philanthropy in Global Health
Jeremy Youde
22. Trade and Investment Agreements and the Global Politics of Health
Chris Holden and Benjamin Hawkins
23. The Global Politics of Health Care Reform
Solomon Benatar, David Sanders, and Stephen Gill
24. Towards a Critical Political Economy of Global Health
Ted Schrecker
• Part IV: Issues in Global Health Politics
25. The Human Right to Health and Global Health Politics
Gorik Ooms and Rachel Hammonds
26. Reporting Disease Outbreaks in a World with No Digital Borders
Sara E. Davies
27. The Politics of Pandemic Influenza Preparedness
Adam Kamradt-Scott
28. The Global Politics of HIV and AIDS
Alan Whiteside
29. The Global Politics of Neglected Tropical Diseases
Obijiofor Aginam
30. The Politics of Global Vaccination Policies
Stuart Blume
31. The Global Politics of Access to Medicines: From 1.0 to 2.0
Suerie Moon and Ellen 't Hoen
32. Non-Communicable Diseases and Global Health Politics
Roger Magnusson
33. The Politics of Global Tobacco Control
Kelley Lee
34. The Politics of Global Bioethical Frameworks
Diego S. Silva and Jeremy Snyder

Protecting and promoting health is inherently a political endeavor that requires a sophisticated understanding of the distribution and use of power. Yet while the global nature of health is widely recognized, its political nature is less well understood. In recent decades, the interdisciplinary field of global health politics has emerged to demonstrate the interconnections of health and core political topics, including foreign and security policy, trade, economics, and development. Today a growing body of scholarship examines how the global health landscape has both shaped and been shaped by political actors and structures.

The Oxford Handbook of Global Health Politics provides an authoritative overview and assessment of research on this important and complicated subject. The volume is motivated by two arguments. First, health is not simply a technical subject, requiring evidence-based solutions to real-world problems, but an arena of political contestation where norms, values, and interests also compete and collide. Second, globalization has fundamentally changed the nature of health politics in terms of the ideas, interests, and institutions involved.

The volume comprises more than 30 chapters by leading experts in global health and politics. Each chaper provides an overview of the state of the art on a given theoretical perspective, major actor, or global health issue. The Handbook offers both an excellent introduction to scholars new to the field and also an invaluable teaching and research resource for experts seeking to understand global health politics and its future directions.

• Provides the most comprehensive collection on global health politics to date
• Goes beyond the familiar focus on major diseases to encompass such political challenges as how agendas are defined, how core principles are enacted through operational activities, and what role the state, market, and civil society play in global health
• Strikes a balance between major theoretical perspectives and their application to major issue areas related to global health

• Colin McInnes, Professor of International Politics, Aberystwyth University.
• Kelley Lee, Professor and Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Global Health Governance, Simon Fraser University.
• Jeremy Youde, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota, Duluth