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Preface 7

List of abbreviations 8

1 History of transplantation 10

Organ donors

2 Diagnosis of death and its physiology 12

3 Deceased organ donation 14

4 Live donor kidney transplantation 16

5 Live donor liver transplantation 18

Organ preservation

6 Organ preservation 20

Immunology of organ transplantation

7 Innate immunity 22

8 Adaptive immunity and antigen presentation 24

9 Humoral and cellular immunity 26

Histocompatibility in transplantation

10 Tissue typing and HLA matching 28

11 Detecting HLA antibodies 30

12 Antibody-incompatible transplantation 32

Organ allocation

13 Organ allocation 34


14 Immunosuppression: induction vs maintenance 36

15 Biological agents 37

16 T cell-targeted immunosuppression 38

Complications of immunosuppression

17 Side effects of immunosuppressive agents 40

18 Post-transplant infection 42

19 CMV infection 44

20 Post-transplant malignancy 46

Kidney transplantation

21 End-stage renal failure 48

22 Complications of ESRF 50

23 Dialysis and its complications 52

24 Assessment for kidney transplantion 54

25 Kidney transplantation: the operation 56

26 Surgical complications of kidney transplantation 58

27 Delayed graft function 60

28 Transplant rejection 62

29 Chronic renal allograft dysfunction 64

Pancreas and islet transplantation

30 Transplantation for diabetes mellitus 66

31 Pancreas transplantation 68

32 Islet transplantation 70

Liver transplantation

33 Causes of liver failure 72

34 Assessment for liver transplantation 74

35 Liver transplantation: the operation 76

36 Complications of liver transplantation 78

Intestinal transplantation

37 Intestinal failure and assessment 80

38 Intestinal transplantation 82

Heart transplantation

39 Assessment for heart transplantation 84

40 Heart transplantation: the operation 86

41 Complications of heart transplantation 88

Lung transplantation

42 Assessment for lung transplantation 90

43 Lung transplantation: the operation 92

44 Complications of lung transplantation 94

Composite tissue transplantation

45 Composite tissue transplantation 96


46 Xenotransplantation 98

Index 100

The first basic overview of all aspects of transplantation with a clarity not to be found in more inaccessible textbooks.

This brand new title provides a succinct overview of both the scientific and clinical principles of organ transplantation and the types of organ transplant, featuring highly-illustrated information covering core topics in transplantation including:
- Organ donors
- Organ preservation
- Assessment of transplant recipients
- Indications for transplantation
- Immunology of transplantation
- Immunosuppression and its complications
- Overviews of thoracic and abdominal organ transplantation, including the kidneys, liver, heart and lungs

Transplantation at a Glance is the ideal introduction for medical students, junior doctors, surgical trainees, immunology students, pharmacists, and nurses on transplant wards.


“This is one of the best reviews of transplantation I have had the pleasure of reading. With its thorough collection of topics and its illustrations, it is a definite must read for those who are starting their training or spending a limited amount of time on a transplant service.” (Doody’s, 19 April 2013)

This is a superbly produced small book with marvellous illustrations, and I am literally amazed how much information is presented in approximately 100 pages. The illustrations have been very carefully done and enhance the explanations in the text extremely well. The chapters range from a history of transplantation through organ donation and preservation; the immunology of organ transplantation; immunosuppression; complications of immunosuppression, and kidney, pancreas, liver, intestinal, and lung transplantations, finishing up with brief reviews of composite tissue transplantation and xenotransplantation.
This is the ideal book to give to nurses or residents rotating through a transplantation unit or to scientists working in tissue typing or microbiology and virology with an interest in transplantation. Obviously, for those who stay in the field, they will need more in-depth information from the larger texts, but as a starter book, I have seen nothing better than this extremely good presentation. Each transplantation unit should have half a dozen or so available for those I have referred to above. (Peter J. Morris , Transplantation journal, 2012)

Author Information

Menna Clatworthy is at the University of Cambridge and Addenbrooke's Hospital
Christopher Watson is at the School of Clinical Medicine, University of Cambridge

Michael Allison is at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

John Dark is Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery at the Regional Cardiothoracic Centre, The Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne