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1. Diagnosis of Skin Disease
2. Eczema
3. Keratinizing and Papulosquamous Disorders
4. Bacterial Infections
5. Fungal Infections
6. Viral Infections
7. Parasitic Infestations and Diseases Caused by Arthropods
8. Connective Tissue Disorders
9. Bullous Disorders
10. Diorders of Pigmentation
11. Diseases Due to Ultraviolet Radiation
12. Cutaneous Reactions Due to Cold
13. Disorders of the Sebaceous, Sweat and Apocrine Glands
14. Urticaria and Erythemas
15. Purpura
16. Diseases of the Blood Vessels and Lymphatics
17. Pruritus
18. Leg Ulcers
19. Naevi and Malformations
20. Tumours of the Skin
21. Hair Disorders
22. Nail Disorders
23. Diseases of the Oral Cavity
24. Diseases of the Subcutaneous Fat
25. Cutaneous Manifestations of Diseases of the External Genitalia
26. Sexually Transmitted Diseases
27. Psychocutaneous Disorders
28. Ages of Man and Their Dermatosis
29. Occupational Dermatoses
30. Sports Related Skin Injuries
31. Cutaneous Manifestations of Systemic Disease
32. Cutaneous Manifestations of Malnutrition
33. Miscellaneous Disorders
34. Burns
35. Cosmetic Dermatology
36. Cutaneous Drug Reactions
37. Fundamentals of Topical Therapy
38. Topical Corticosteroid Therapy
39. Management of Dry Skin
40. Management of Eczema, Wounds, Blisters and Hyperkeratosis
41. Management of the Diabetic Foot
42. Common Topical Medications
43. Common Systemic Medications Used in Skin Diseases
44. Atlas

This book summarises the key clinical features and their treatment across a range of skin diseases and describes the decision-making process when referring patients to specialists. It describes how treatment of the skin is often very different to other specialities, as both topical and systemic medications are used, and reviews the clinical signs, investigation and diagnostic approaches to skin diseases.

Treatment of Skin Diseases: A Practical Guide principally aids primary care physicians, trainee dermatologists and dermatology nurse practitioners, but it is also a convenient management guide for allied health professionals, students and hospital-based physicians. A concise atlas of diagnostic photographs is included and incorporated with a simple set of common differentials to provide a useful reference for primary care readers and those training in dermatology. The book also contains information on the management of common skin problems, together providing a comprehensive introduction to the treatment of skin diseases. The treatment options for secondary and tertiary care are also included to provide a thorough picture of the spectrum of dermatologic therapeutics.

• Provides a description of the disease, important investigations and diagnostic approach to the disease
• Presents the common problems seen by the general practitioner in a clear and concise format
• Contains numerous photographs of the common differentials to assist in rapid and effective diagnosis

• Dr Zohra Zaidi is a meritorious graduate of the Dow Medical College now Dow University of Medical Sciences. She was the honorary consultant at the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre and Dow Medical College. Here she also taught dermatology to the medical and postgraduate students, which she continued in UK, where she arrived about a decade ago. She was the founder president m of the ‘Acne Awareness Programme ‘. She is on the editorial board of JPMA, and was on the prioritization panel of UKDCTN for a number of years. She has retired now and spends her time reading, writing and travelling.Dr Zaidi has written two books on dermatology, ‘Dermatology in Clinical Practice’ published in 2010, and ‘A Manual of Dermatology’, the 2nd edition published in 2015. She has written a number of articles published in medical journals, newspapers and magazines.Awards-recent Shield-Meritorious Services in Dermatology - Dow University of Medical Sciences- 2013 Certificate- Appreciation for Professional Development- Dow University of Medical Sciences-2013 ‘Ambassador of Peace‘ in 2012 –World Federation of Women’s Peace ‘Peace -Loving Global Citizenship Award’ in 2017- World Federation of Women’s Peace,- Certificate of Achievement Award- Macular Society- 2016
• Dr Khalid Hussain a consultant dermatologist at the Lincoln County Hospital. He is a general dermatologist with special interest in skin cancer. He had been Skin Cancer MDT Lead from 2004 to 2016.. Before coming to UK he was the head of the department of dermatology at the Armed Forces Medical Centre in Karachi. Pakistan
• Dr Simi Sudhakaran is a General Practitioner & Partner at Modality Faith House Surgery and is the Clinical Lead in Dermatology for the Modality Division in Hull. She completed her postgraduate Diploma in Dermatology from the Cardiff University with distinction. She also works as a Specialty Doctor in Dermatology for Hull & East Yorkshire NHS Trust. She is actively involved in education and is a trainer for foundation doctors, tutor for Hull & York Medical School (HYMS) students and mentor for nurse practitioners. She also lectures at local Skin Club meetings and is a faculty of the Dermatology Update Course for GP’s in Hull. She is a member of the British Association of Dermatologist and Primary Care Dermatology Society, UK.