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SECTION 1. Pediatric Telehealth Guidance and Strategies
Breaking Down Telehealth Barriers in Your Practice
How to Prepare Families for a Telehealth Visit
Minimizing Telehealth Technology Barriers in Rural and Underserved Communities
Ensuring Equitable Access to Telehealth for Diverse and Underserved Communities
Telehealth and Adolescent Health Care: What Can Pediatric Clinicians Do?
How to Sustain Telehealth Within Your Pediatric Practice

SECTION 2. Guidance for Parents and Caregivers
Telehealth Services Start With Your Pediatrician
Telehealth: Frequently Asked Questions
Telehealth and Mental Health Care
How to Have a Telehealth Visit from College
Telehealth Visits for Children Who Need Hearing or Vision Help

SECTION 3. American Academy of Pediatrics Publications
Antibiotic Prescribing During Pediatric Direct-to-Consumer Telemedicine Visits
• From Pediatrics
The Current Pediatric Telehealth Landscape
• From Pediatrics
Electronic Communication of the Health Record and Information With Pediatric Patients and Their Guardians
• AAP Policy Statement
Guiding Principles for Team-Based Pediatric Care
• AAP Policy Statement
How to provide good care using telehealth and reduce medical liability risks
• From AAP News
Pediatric mental health experts share tips to make the most of telehealth visits
• From AAP News
Pediatric Telehealth in the COVID-19 Pandemic Era and Beyond
• From Pediatrics
Rapid Implementation of Telehealth Services in a Pediatric Pulmonary Clinic During COVID-19
• From Pediatrics
Strategies for Evaluating Telehealth
• From Pediatrics
Technology improves pediatric patient engagement, outcomes
• From AAP News
Telehealth and Autism: Treating Challenging Behavior at Lower Cost
• From Pediatrics
Telehealth Home Monitoring and Postcardiac Surgery for Congenital Heart Disease
• From Pediatrics
Telehealth: Improving Access to and Quality of Pediatric Health Care
• AAP Policy Statement
Telehealth: Opportunities to Improve Access, Quality, and Cost in Pediatric Care
• AAP Technical Report
Telemedicine for Evaluation of Retinopathy of Prematurity
• AAP Joint Technical Report

SECTION 4. Forms and Tools
Checklist for Families/Caregivers Who May Require Language Accommodations
Community Questionnaire
Sample Physical Exam Documentation
Tools for Sustaining Telehealth

SECTION 5. Appendixes
Health equity in telehealth
• From
Legal Considerations
• From
Telehealth for school-based services
• From
Telemedicine Services
• From Coding for Pediatrics 2022
Tips for Providing Breastfeeding Support Via Telehealth
• From Breastfeeding Telephone Triage and Advice, 4th Edition
Trends in the Use of Telehealth During the Emergence of the COVID-19 Pandemic—United States,
January–March 2020
• From Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report

Use of telehealth was already on the rise before the COVID-19 public health emergency, but the pandemic has brought it to the forefront of medical care. With its increased
use came a lot of questions—“How can I assist pediatric patients with limited access to technology?” “Do this patient’s symptoms make them a good candidate for telehealth?”

“How do I code this visit?” Pediatric Telehealth Best Practices answers those questions and seeks to help pediatric providers develop efficient, effective telehealth services within their own practices.

Pediatric Telehealth Best Practices goes beyond AAP policy to offer straightforward strategies for establishing and sustaining a successful telehealth program. Its contents are curated from AAP published content, including guidance from the Section on Telehealth Care as well as journals and books.

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